What Phones Are Compatible with Qlink Full List 2023

What phones are compatible with Qlink

Qlink Wireless is compatible with a wide range of unlocked Android and iOS devices. The phone should support Sprint’s CDMA or T-Mobile’s GSM network frequencies. It’s important to check what phones are compatible with Qlink.

Explore the article below for the BYOP process and exact Qlink-compatible mobile models.

Qlink Wireless BYOP Process

Qlink Wireless BYOP process allows you to use your compatible device on their network. You must have a compatible device and an active Qlink Wireless account. You can check compatibility, purchase a SIM card, and activate it on your device to start using Qlink Wireless services.

Confirm your Phone’s Compatibility.

To connect your phone with Qlijnk:

  1. Check your phone’s compatibility first.
  2. Visit the Qlink official website.
  3. Enter your phone’s MEID/IMEI/ESN and press enter.

If you are an iPhone user without a phone ID, dial *#06#.

Android users should follow the steps.

  • Go to the settings
  • Open the phone
  • Click the status option to locate the phone’s ID.


After checking your phone’s compatibility from the official Qlink website, check whether you need a new sim card. A new free sim card will be shipped to you. Otherwise, official authorities will instantly activate your phone.

Activate your Phone

To activate your phone, insert a sim card and reset the phone. Go to your device’s network resetting option.

  • Click on general
  • Click reset button
  • Tap on the network reset
  • Now our device is reset.

After you reset the phone, download the “my mobile account” app and sign in using your Qlink number. Try another option of calling 305-260-6232 to check successful phone activation.

What Phones are Compatible With Qlink?

Here is the list of Qlink-compatible phones here in 2023:

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G
Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Samsung Galaxy A52 is one of the best phones compatible with Qlink. It has a 6.6-inch screen display, 64GB RAM, and a 64 MP high-resolution camera for a better photo experience.

Fingerprint sensors create an extra layer of security, and a 4500mAh long-life battery boosts your productivity. Overall, the Galaxy series is a great option for users.

Google Pixel 5a

Google Pixel 5a
Google Pixel 5a

This smartphone has a huge 6.34-inch OLED display, a long-lasting 4680mAh battery, and a 12.2MP rear camera. Android lovers will enjoy the Google Pixel 5a camera.

Apple iPhone SE (2020)

Apple iPhone SE (2020)
Apple iPhone SE (2020)

It provides a fine 4.7-inch Retina display with an A13 Bionic chip. The iPhone SE offers 12MP back camera. You can also enjoy android apps on your iPhone.

Motorola Moto G Power (2021)

Motorola Moto G Power (2021)
Motorola Moto G Power (2021)

Motorola Moto G is the best pocket-friendly mobile phone, popular for its long battery time. The device is compatible with Qlink, Sprint, and the T-mobile network.

The phone has a wide screen display of 6.6 inches, a mega 5000mAh battery, and a triple-lens camera for effective photo results. Overall it is the best phone that is compatible with Qlink.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G

OnePlus Nord N10 5G
OnePlus Nord N10 5G

The OnePlus Nord N10 is a low-cost phone with amazing features, including 128GB storage, a 64 MP main Quad camera, a 60HZ screen display, and the best battery timings.

The device’s power lasts up to 24 hours after 30 minutes of charging. This 5G phone is best for you.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G phone is an ideal option with top-of-the-line specifications. It has a 6.2-inch screen display 12 MP rear camera for extraordinary photography.

The device offers a 4500mAh battery and 8GB RAM. You can select this Samsung model as your next mobile phone.

Google Pixel 4a

google pixel 4a
google pixel 4a

The Google Pixel phone is an excellent launch from the manufacturer. It has a 5.8-inch screen display, 128GB memory, a 12.2 MP main camera, and a mega battery of 3140mAh power that lasts up to 24 hours.

The phone set is compatible with T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Google Fi, Qlink, and other major carriers.

List Of Stores That Sell Unlocked Phones That Are Compatible With Qlink in 2023

  • Amazon

Amazon offers a wide collection of unlocked phones compatible with Qlink Wireless. You can easily check the phone’s compatibility under the product description or by asking Amazon retailers. It is one of the best online platforms to shop from.

  • Walmart

Walmart offers a variety of unlocked phones from brands like Samsung, Motorola, and LG. They provide more than 100 unlocked phone sets on their site.

You can check the phone’s compatibility with Qlink Wireless on Walmart’s website or by asking a sales associate in-store.

  • Best Buy

Best Buy has a wide selection of unlocked phones from famous brands. The phone’s compatibility with different networks is mentioned under the product description, or you can ask retailers.

  • Apple Store

The Apple Store offers a range of unlocked iPhones compatible with Qlink Wireless. Apple iPhone 12 Pro max, Apple iPhone XR, and Apple iPhone SE are all Qlink consistent and easily available at Apple’s official stores.

Visit an online Apple store or rush to your nearest Apple mart.

  • Newegg

The Newegg store has a range of unlocked phones from brands like Asus, Nokia, and ZTE. Before purchasing any device, you can check the phone’s compatibility with Qlink Wireless on the product page or search from the official site.

Go grab your next Qlink-compatible phone from Newegg.

Does Qlink Offer Phone Upgrades for Compatible Phones?

Yes, Qlink Wireless offers phone upgrades for compatible phones. If you have been with Qlink for over six months and your phone is consistent with their network, you upgrade your device.

Qlink Wireless also offers a phone financing program that allows you to purchase a phone and pay for it over time with monthly payments. If you finance a phone plan, you must make a down payment and sign up for autopay.

What Happens if my Phone is not Compatible with Qlink Wireless?

If your phone is incompatible with Qlink Wireless, you should purchase a new phone that works with the Qlink network.

You can check your phone’s compatibility on the official website of Qlink or contact customer service.

What are the Network Frequencies Supported by Qlink Wireless?

Qlink Wireless CDMA network uses 800 MHz and 1900 MHz bands, while their GSM network uses 850 MHz and 1900 MHz bands.

It operates on the CDMA and GSM networks, using Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s networks. The network frequencies Qlink Wireless supports depend on your device.

What Is Qlink GSM or CDMA?

Qlink Wireless operates on both the GSM and CDMA networks. They use T-Mobile’s GSM network and Sprint’s CDMA network to provide coverage to their customers.

GSM and CDMA are two different technologies used in cellular networks. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications, while CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access. These technologies use other methods to transmit and receive voice and data signals.

While Qlink Wireless primarily operates on Sprint’s CDMA network, they have added T-Mobile’s GSM network to their service offerings to provide their customers with wider coverage and more device options.

Will A TracFone Work With Qlink?

The TracFone works with Qlink only if it is compatible with Qlink Network frequency. If your TracFone is consistent with the Sprint or T-mobile network, it may be compatible with the Qlink wireless network.

It is mandatory to check the compatibility of your track phone before attempting network activation.

What Carrier Is Compatible With Qlink?

Qlink Wireless is compatible with Sprint and T-Mobile networks, which operate on the CDMA and GSM networks. Qlink Wireless primarily uses Sprint’s CDMA network.

Still, they have added T-Mobile’s GSM network to their service offerings to provide their customers with wider coverage and more device options.

Can I Bring My Qlink Number To Another Carrier?

No, Qlink numbers can not be used on another carrier. Qlink Wireless is a Lifeline service provider that offers free or discounted wireless services to eligible low-income consumers.

Lifeline providers must provide service on a month-to-month basis and are not allowed to charge early termination fees.

If you wish to switch to another carrier, cancel your Qlink Wireless service and sign up with the new page.


Qlink wireless gives their users various advantages, but device compatibility check is such an arduous task. Qlink wireless is compatible with Android and iOS devices, including Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola, and Apple iPhones.

You have read the article about what phones are compatible with Qlink network. Check your phones with Qlink from the official site or contact the customer support center.