How to Use the Google Snake Game Menu Mod 2023

Google Snake Game Menu Mod

Google Snake Game Menu Mod: Google quick search offers many instant games. Google snake game is one of them. Many of us played this classic game in the past on Nokia sets. Thanks to Google, snake games gained worldwide popularity and can now be played on browsers.

Google snake game has many options like background, snake speed, food variety, dark and light mods, and much more. But once you get addicted to the game, you want something more professional. So don’t worry. Here is the way to add exciting mods in the google snake game.

I hope you enjoy our guide to the “google snake game menu mod.”

Google Snake Game Menu Mod Github Guide 2023

Snake game is the google doodle game, but adding mods can refine your experience.

  1. Go to the google snake mod menu.
  2. Open the chrome Bookmark menu.
  3. Import the google snake mod menu.
  4. Click “MoreMenu.html.”
  5. Start the game.
  6. Open “More Stuff.”
  7. Now you can play all google snake mods.

How to Use Google Snake Mod Menu

how to mod snake game
Google Snake Mod Menu

If you do not get it, let’s see them step by step for detailed learning. Here we go:

  1. Go to the GitHub page to download snake game mods.
  2. Download the MoreMenu.html file to your computer.
  3. Go to the chrome browser and open the bookmark manager using the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + O.
  4. Choose the “import bookmark” option by clicking the three dots icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  5. Select the MoreMenu.html file you downloaded.
  6. It will add a snake game to your chrome browser. You will notice more menu stuff in the imported folder.
  7. Now press Ctrl+T to open a new tab on the browser. Type snake game in the search bar and press enter.
  8. Open the game by clicking the play icon.
  9. After it, you will see a cog wheel or gear wheel and a play button. Click the cog wheel.
  10. After landing on the settings page, click the “Kebab menu” three dots at the top right corner of the screen.
  11. Go to the bookmark, open the imported folder, and select “More Menu Stuff.”
  12. It will add snake game mods to chrome. Now enjoy playing.
  13. If you want to remove the snake game mods, play the default version without going to settings.

Best Google Snake Game Menu Mod

After successfully downloading and importing the HTML file, the next step is to explore various mods you can use in gaming. This “Menu mod stuff” offers a variety of interesting mods. Let’s study them:

  1. Cheese mod
  2. Snake Wall Endgame Sooner
  3. Dark mod
  4. Animated Color for Google Snake
  5. Peaceful mod
  6. Infinity Borderless mod
  7. Key Unlock mod
  8. Portal mod
  9. Sokoban mod
  10. Twin Mod

Dark Mod

Everyone loves getting dark themes on phones, laptops, and even chrome. This dark theme lets you enjoy the game as everything becomes more fun when it comes in black. Click GitHub link to get the dark mode.

Cheese Mod

Cheese mod offers a snake with every next segment invisible. The cheese-like structure allows the Snake to pass through it. The Snake achieves double-length by eating fruit compared to the classic mod.

Animated Color for Google Snake

“Google Snake Animated Color” is the undebatable feature. Animated color mod allows users to customize the background and snake colors according to ease. You are given an array of vibrant colors from which you can select one.


What is the best Google Snake mod?

Here is the list of the best Google Snake Mods

  1. Dark mod
  2. Animated Color for Google Snake
  3. Cheese mod
  4. Change Board Size

How Do I Get A Mod Menu For Google Snake?

If you want a mod menu for the google snake game, download the HTML file from GitHub and import it to get the google snake mod menu.

How do I get Google Snake?

Google snake game is a doodle game, and you can play it by simply typing the snake game in the search bar and clicking on the play button to enjoy the game.


Google snake game menu mod is the all-time favorite game of all ages. You can import amazing mods in the google snake game. This guide helps you learn micro steps to bring in various Github mods. So go to your device and follow the steps carefully to download the MoreMenu.html file and enjoy playing the google snake game. We hope your confusion gets clear, and if you still have any queries feel free to contact us in the comment section below.