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Web Design

The importance of a good web design

Your website is your cover letter, it is the first face that your customers will see, therefore it is important that this first impression be as professional as possible.

In addition to being attractive and modern, it has to be created intelligently, it has to have a defined and elaborate structure, in which all details have a meaning. And above all it has to follow an objective, the objective that we all want and for which we have a business; Sell more and if you can, sell better.

If we already have an elaborate design and defined objectives, focused on success, only the icing on the cake is missing; Make it visible. This is achieved, in addition to specific digital marketing online strategies, with an impeccable internal architecture of the website and a perfect use of the latest technologies and existing programming languages.

Websites dedicated to trade, so you sell more

There are as many types of websites as businesses we can imagine. In the same way, the characteristics and objectives of an online store will be very different from the properties and goals of an institutional websites or those of a personal blog. At Arpen Technologies we offer a wide range of types of web design in Barcelona, the following reflect the types of websites for shops:

  • Online Shops & Stores

    Virtual store whose digital platform is a web page, which will be used to sell physical products through electronic commerce.

  • Online catalogs

    Web design created to show the products of an establishment, in which the online purchase process is not included.

  • Marketplace

    Electronic platform created and managed by a third party outside a business, where the seller and the buyer meet.


Effective websites that get results

All websites in Barcelona we create are customized to achieve the objectives of our customers, but they all have one thing in common, they are optimized for maximum performance.


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