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Web Positioning and Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) or web optimization is the method to modify the structure and content of a website in order to optimize the visibility of the website in the organic results of different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! Search, Blippex, DuckDuckGo and others.

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Organic Web Positioning

Organic web positioning is the result of the indexing of the website in the search engines carried out through some applications called web spiders. Web spiders are dedicated to browsing websites in search of the keywords that best describe it.

Web positioning agents (SEO)

Our interest as SEO agents is to optimize a website from the base of the code to adapt its structure and content to the desired organic positioning to increase the visibility, and therefore visits to the website.

Web positioning optimization (SEO)

Web positioning optimization (SEO) is done in two ways:

- On-page SEO: Made by restructuring the website from the code base with technical improvements and improving the content of the website.

- Off-page SEO: Made by increasing the weight of the website in your internet sector via linkbuilding, linkbaiting and others

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If your website has been created through WordPress or similar platforms or by a programmer with a unique goal to deliver the page you want, it is probably not optimized from the base of the code for search engines like Google, Yahoo! Search and others.

We take care of reading all the code and carry out an analysis and restructuring in order to optimize it for applications like web spiders used to index and position your website in search engines.

The analysis of a website from the base code is an arduous task that we have carried out for years in order to improve the organic positioning of hundreds of websites.

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If it is an already existing website, after the analysis we will devote to reprogram any structure that does not optimize the content to position the web correctly.

At the same time we analyze the content and we propose changes that will directly affect the web positioning.

All the websites that we create are already programmed from the base to be optimized for the search engines and to be positioned obtaining greater visibility.

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We finish the project and show you the changed data, the ways to optimize the website (SEO) and the good practices to carry out.

It is important that once the page has been optimized from the code, the page maintains the structure from the urls to the tags, always updating the content and following the guide that we will provide.

Ask us without compromise and improves the positioning of your website in search engines, gain more visibility for your business and show it to your future customers.

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