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Technology continues to revolutionize business and industry. For people and companies that use a website as brand image and/or sales portal on the internet, it is essential to have un updated website. Implementing new technologies increases positioning, image and sales of a website.

For years we have been dedicated to improving the functions and appearance of websites, redesigning them in order to maintain the expectations of the current client.

If you have a website and you want to get a redesign, check with us and we will propose several changes and adaptations of functionality and image to satisfy your clients.

Currently there are millions of online websites dedicated to representing businesses in different ways, informative websites, online stores, forums and many others.

It wouldn't be strange to think that your website may not be fully adapted to the type of client you want, and that is why you have considered redesigning it in order to increase the exposure of your business or sales.

Redesigning a website to offer the maximum to your customers is not an easy task, but perfectly possible. We perform an analysis of your website and the sector to which it is focused and redesign what is necessary to obtain greater exposure and sales.

We take care of re-evaluation of functions of a website from the base code to accessibility by the client.

It is important to periodically reevaluate functions of a website in order to improve its exposure and obtain the desired results.

  • Base code reevaluation
  • Re-evaluation of general functionalities
  • Website accessibility
  • Redefinition web behavior

If you are not sure if your website is ready for a good SEO (web positioning), we will analyze your website and offer you solutions to optimize results on your website in searche engines

We finish the project and we show you all changed data, ways to optimize the website (SEO) and good practices to be done.

It is important that once the website has been optimized from the code, the page maintains the structure from the urls to the labels, always updating the content and following the guide that we will provide.



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Redesign and Remodeling of websites

Of the most common steps in the trajectory of a website is a redesign or remodeling of its functions and image. People, companies and trends change and that is why a website has to adapt at all times to market requirements.

Redesign and remodeling of a website, whether it is only informative or online, deserves an analysis of the current trends, the sector to which it is focused and the corporate image that you want to show.

  • Redesign and remodeling of informative websites
  • Redesign and remodeling of online stores
  • Redesign and remodeling of content managers
  • Redesign and remodeling of online corporate image

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