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Technical Consulting for Companies

A company initially dedicated to programming of systems, with a development based on the meticulous analysis of processes, business efficiency and automation, which over time has dedicated itself to expanding this knowledge to other companies in various sectors. A consultancy for companies whose objective is excellence.

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Business Consulting

Our strategic consulting team is specialized in analyzing the management and organization of a business, both in terms of internal and external organization and/or in the achievement of external objectives, achieving process optimization and increasing the effectiveness of results.


With the use of the latest technologies to automate all business processes, from the most basic to the most complex, we can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of each job place and of the company as a whole.

Online Publicity

Specialists also in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), we analyze the appropriate variables for each type of business in which online advertising can mean an increase in objective performance, for both free and paid advertising.

"A different, effective and accurate consultant, a team that presents a radical change in the way of understanding a business."

What are the functions of a technical consultant for companies?

A technical consultant is dedicated to analyzing each and every one of the processes in a company and increase its effectiveness. The consultancy is divided into two sections, internal functions consultancy and external affairs consultancy.

Internal functions consultancy focuses on the correct functionalities of each department, the distribution of work, the analysis of productivity per employee and the possible automation of most processes. It is common that much of the work done in a company continues to be done manually and that information between departments is interlinked incorrectly and leads to a significant loss of efficiency.

External affairs consultancy focuses on corporate image towards suppliers and clients in its sector, carrying on an exhaustive analysis of the product as well as the written and face-to-face image of the company. The consultant tries to achieve results thanks to the improvement of a more penetrating corporate image based on the culture of the company.

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We identify the distinctive and relevant points of a company to give it a consistent and effective essence.

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We program all possible automations in order to minimize necessary work done by the company.

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We plan and develop the necessary content to support your global strategy and make sure that the defined tactic is working effectively.

A unique consultancy

A consultancy exclusively dedicated to increasing business efficiency for firms with large expansion projects and strong leadership.

As a consequence of a journey in systems development, we bring precision to all levels of a company, always creating and integrating automation and control systems to achieve a solid expansion.

We go beyond a dossier, we sit down with each person, we observe skills of all people in the company, acquired abilities and potential abilities of each individual. We redirect the entire company towards the established objective.

Companies whose objective is excellence.

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