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WooCommerce vs. PrestaShop vs. Magento vs. Shopify - Which is better for an online store?

WooCommerce vs. PrestaShop vs. Magento vs. Shopify - Which is better for an online store?

Starting an e-commerce store requires a lot of work and dedication. & nbsp; Choosing the name of a store and deciding which products to sell is only a fraction of the challenge. & nbsp; Many owners of online stores are surprised at how much time and effort involved marketing . & nbsp; With this in mind, you should make sure to choose the right platform so your store has the best possible start. & nbsp; These are the four most popular options:


Pros & nbsp;

< p> & nbsp; - It's free and easy to implement as long as you already have a WordPress website.
& nbsp; - If you already have a WordPress blog and install WooCommerce , you can easily edit body content and add meta information that will help potential customers find it faster.
& nbsp; - It's easier to interact with your audience in WordPress since blogging is logical and well organized. & nbsp;


- Requires necessarily installing Wordpress .
- Requires payment complements to extend features. & nbsp;


Pros & nbsp;

& nbsp; - No fees of registration, or monthly fees or percentages of income to start using PrestaShop .
& nbsp; - It's simple and easy to use, as well as intuitive.
- You can easily export lists of products to Amazon, Google Shopping and eBay. & nbsp;

& nbsp; Cons & nbsp;

& nbsp; - It's a self-hosted solution, so it you should implement in your own web hosting.
- You need to buy decent looking themes and some payment modules to have a complete & professional store.
- Customer service is not free. & nbsp;


Pros & nbsp;

& nbsp; - Magento Community Edition you can download for free.
- You have more customization options than other platforms.
- It's better for large-scale stores with many products.
> & nbsp; - It has more than 5,000 additional extensions.

& nbsp; Cons & nbsp;

& nbsp; - It's a self-hosted solution, so you'll have to pay for web hosting.
& nbsp; - It's more complex to use than other solutions. & nbsp;


Pros & nbsp;

& nbsp; - No programming skills are required & nbsp; to use Shopify. & nbsp;
& nbsp; - Shopify handles all web hosting and coding problems, so your customers have a quick, secure and secure shopping experience.
& nbsp; - Shopify offers customer support 24/7. & nbsp;

& nbsp; Cons & nbsp;

& nbsp; - You must pay the credit card fee in any payment you make when making a sale. & nbsp; The maximum is 2.9% and $ 0.30 per purchase.
& nbsp; - You must pay 2% to use the external payment gateways.
& nbsp; - Shopify offers ten free themes, but you have to pay to access the others.


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