It is important to make good use of the images on our website, for this it is advisable to choose the correct format: png, jpg, gif, etc. In order for a transparent image to be displayed correctly, we must choose the appropriate extension. If our photos do not have transparency, we prioritize a format that does not use it, allowing us to have a lower weight compared to other types. The same image with transparency will always occupy more than without it.

Reducing these types of images considerably improves the loading speed of our web pages, a shorter response time Increase the number of visits. Sites that take a long time to load have less popularity . Today we look for speed, if we access a page and notice that slow loading will close or think it is wrongly created and will not access in the future. A fluid site improves search engine positioning and increases possible future visits.

Currently there are numerous powerful tools that make the day easier for us. day with easy-to-use optimization methods. Both free and paid the catalog of applications is quite extensive and we can find documentation. There is no excuse for not making use of them, nor should we be afraid to look for information to make appropriate and optimal use. Inform and update in this century computer is very important if we want to grow within this area.

Some CMS incorporate tools that allow us to Photo editing from the CMS itself without the need for external tools. Others allow to implement editing plugins, all of them are an alternative to the use of external programs. As I explained above, access to documentation on image editing is numerous and we do not only have documentation. We can find a wide range of videos from both the user community and the developers.

If we have very large images or many images on our site, it is recommended that you < strong> adaptation for better positioning and performance. Even modify or redo the site again to reduce loading times considerably. In summary, optimizing the images of our site is very important for its correct visualization and for a good positioning. There are many tools, both internal and external, we have no excuse not to use them.