What is Flash?

Flash is a software platform launched in 1996 that belongs to several companies and finally I finish in the company Adobe.

It was one of the most versatile tools to create interactive content and play compressed video on web pages.

Why not use Flash

Flash belongs to a private company, is made back in many websites, so HTML5 is a global and open standard is much more used.

It has many security flaws.

Search engines are unable to read Flash content, especially on mobile devices. It is useless to use SEO titles if you use Flash because the robots that search for content will have problems to see it.

Many browsers have decided to block Flash due to its low security against malware and warn that it is an insecure platform.

It is not designed for mobile devices, iPhones and iPads without Flash support, Steve Jobs is not the user that Flash belongs to a single company and also blamed that Flash was the main cause of the Mac separoran.

If Flash worked well, we would not need any alternatives. Unfortunately it is not. The platform is sadly known for its exaggerated consumption of system resources (in RAM, but also in the case of tablets and laptops) when using in the browser.

Your information is not available, Flash does not allow you to copy text from an animation, nor does the text inside the animations look for the search robots. The most important of a Web: the content, the information, appear in the search engine and be "enconble" on the Web. Our main goal as a designer, developer, administrator of a site where it is available and easy to find for our users.

Flash sites are heavier than a normal Web and are slow to load, especially if you have a limited connection, and you can not see the content until it loads completely. If a user does not get what he wants in seconds, he can go to his site and if he really needs what is there and has it put in a good mood when he finishes loading.

Can I delete Flash?

Yes, without any concern, in fact, Android and iOS have been years without using Flash, in the worst case it is possible to pass it to old and outdated pages that use flash.