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Usability is a part of web design that is usually forgotten. Usability is the design part that focuses on the user experience and, in the end, is the part that makes the user experience easier and more satisfying.

To do a good usability, we not only have to look at the graphic aspect, there are many factors to consider how to use the language that touches, a good placement of the elements, a correct use of the navigation menus. With these small details we can guide the user so that he knows at each moment where he is and what that particular page offers him.

It is not difficult to learn the usability bases, they are easy to remember and they are quite logical once you have heard about the subject. But in practice, getting to create a website with good usability is more complex.

Usability and user experience are two factors that go together , the first is the that defines the second and is one of the most delicate putos to get a website to succeed. Surely you have ever entered a website and did not know where to shoot to reach your goal, then navigation becomes difficult and we quickly close the page and try another one to see if we have better results. Logically, if we have been on a website with a bad experience, we will no longer use it.

What to keep in mind for good usability:

  • A good navigation indicating to the user where it is at all times
  • Give the user all the information they need so that they always feel safe
  • Make sure the user can complete your goal
  • Take into account possible errors so that users do the least possible
  • Always use the same fonts and styles, do not use more than two or three fonts or colors .
  • All the functions of the web have to be available
  • Use an appropriate language, consistent and respectful with the user to whom we want to go.

In summary they are easy practices that can be applied to our website and, with them, we ensure that users want to return to our site in the future because they have a good memory of the web.


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