When talking about web programming , it refers to code writing for web development, related to all web content, server and security. The languages ​​usually used by a web programmer are XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. The knowledge of the web programmers are multiple, from application and creation of scripts to databases.

The web programming is the coding between client and server. The client side is everything related to the user, access, data, information ... guaranteeing that the user experience with a user interface (UI). To improve this experience JavaScript is used together with HTML and CSS.

On the other hand, the server side is where the functions would be coded so that the web works correctly and is written with PHP and MySQL for databases. of data. Basically it's for data recovery, security and performance.

Web programmers , unlike programmers who usually create new computer applications or extend existing software, take care of the creation and maintenance of websites. Just as we know the difference between a web designer and a website, but without writing code, the web programmers are the ones who "pass" the design of the designers to code.

For example, the programmer may be asked to expand the software of a company that has been used for many years. This could be a long time to decrypt the code of the old application and try to add new functions. In contrast, for a programmer web, when it comes to websites, it is rare that new functions or parts are inserted when a company wants a new site, the most normal thing is to create the site from scratch.

As we mentioned, web programming, HTML and CSS languages ​​are not exactly programming languages. HTML is used to mark the content of the page and how it is organized, CSS is a language of style sheets and is to change the way you view the chopped content in HTML. They are for the presentation of the page and a programming language is functional.

In summary, the programmers and web programmers go hand in hand because they perform similar functions but < strong> web programmers use skills and tools that programmers do not use.