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Website and company

Website and company

To be present in the network you need a web page, but many of these companies are created and then nobody sees them.

How to make a business work on the internet?

A website involves a web development, launch and maintenance of the website, requires a commitment on the part of the organization and the election of the suitable professionals for a good administration of the tasks that it entails.

Previously the development of web pages was very linked to computer scientists, but technological advances have allowed other professionals to create a web page with intermediary tools. At the same time, the website should be composed of different specialists:online marketing, commerce, art, programming staff, graphic design and multimedia.

Objective setting

First of all, the company must establish the objectives they hope to achieve. These objectives are varied:

Reduce promotion and communication costs

  • Reduce the costs
  • Advertising
  • New consumers
  • Sales channel support
  • Customer support
  • Offer information updated
  • Get image

Identification of the target audience

In the development of a company, apart from current and potential clients, there are different audiences and therefore, the company must which is the recipient of the information that will be transmitted through of the website.

The different audiences are:

  • Internal:members of the org anization
  • External:distributors, suppliers, suppliers, customers, administration, etc.

Choice of a domain

On the internet there are unique and unrepeatable numerical addresses called" IP address ". But numerical addresses are hard to remember, so pseudonyms or domain names were invented.

All people and organizations have the option of having a web page without acquiring a domain and for free. But this option has a negative impact since the address you will have to enter to access your website will be something like this:

http:// www. provider_name.com/users/paginas/empresa

The name of the domain will be that of the provider, so with this type of URL, it is difficult for customers or users to easily remember the company. That is why it is better to get a domain of your own and, if possible, to match the name of the company. And I say "to be able to be" because it is possible that another person or organization already possesses the domain desired by the company.

Types of domains:

  • Generics are ".com" (commerce), ".org" (non-profit) and ".net" (for network activities).
  • Geographical:of two letters corresponding to the ISO-3166 code of each territory.
  • Other approved of 2000:".biz", ".info", ".aero", ".coop", ".museum", ".name" and ".pro".

Elaboration of the website

At the moment of designing the web page, you will have to have certain things in mind:

  • Useful for the recipient
  • Correct choice of content
  • Attractive and coherent elements

On the other hand, it will be necessary to take into account the technological limitations of the network, such as:

  • Optimize the size of the web
  • Good functioning of the elements in the navigator destinations
  • Comfortable view
  • Periodic update of the contents

Website hosting

Once the web page is created, it will require hosting or hosting. It is a place where the website will be placed for internet publication. There are several alternatives:

  • Virtual hosting:the service provider is rented or given away. The cost is very good, but you do not have control over it.
  • Own server:the control over the server is total, but it is very expensive.
  • Dedicated server:is a rented server, but dedicated to the exclusive use of the company
  • Once published on the internet, traffic to the website must be generated through "off-line" and "on-line" promotions.


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