It is made for MVC architecture (Model, view, controller) and resolves needs such as event handling and user authentication. Also, it has a modular and extensible code through a package manager and robust support for database management.

Which means that Laravel is modular and extensible

This means that it allows you to add everything you need through its Packalyst directory that has more than 5,500 packages.

Laravel has a fast and efficient routing system, similar to the one used in Ruby on Rails. This allows us to relate the parts of our application with the routes that the user enters in the browser.

Laravel has a robust caching system which you can adjust so that your application loads faster and, thus, offer the best possible experience to your users.

Laravel comes ready to implement user authentication natively and includes the option to "remember" the user.

A secure application needs to be able to encrypt its data. With Laravel you have everything you need to start using OpenSSL security and AES-256-CBC encryption. Additionally, all encrypted values ??are signed by a message authentication code that detects if the encrypted message was tampered with.

Defining, recording and listening to events in your application is very simple. The listen property of EventServiceProvider contains a list of all events registered in your application. In addition, it uses as a key the name of the event and as a value the listeners registered to it.

Paging is very easy with Laravel because it generates a range of links according to the current page in the user's browser.

Laravel presents great advantages in web development in PHP, supported by the advances the new versions of PHP have offered to the community. This fact implies that to use Lavarel we need to have modern versions of PHP.

In summary, Laravel is an excellent software tool for day-to-day development, it has some of the key factors that make a successful open source project:

A very good and complete online documentation.

And a growing community in support of this project.