What is a web page?

It is known as a web page to the document that is part of our website (known as link) the web pages are developed in html that can be interpreted with browsers Thanks to this they can present information such as text, image, video and etc. All this information is configured to adapt to the WWW (Word Wide Web) network

What are the types of content update


These are the types of content updates:

  • Static: This is called so when content updates are done manually
  • Dynamics: You are it calls like that just because with the help of database the content changes automatically

Those were the types of when you save a content update can only be static or dynamic, and now we're going to see the types of web pages.

Types of web page

These are the types of web pages:

  • Web page Informative: These are pages that basically show the products that have , services or the actions carried out by a company these web pages can be accompanied by design, images, video and all informative content that you can.
  • Website page Blog: Blogs are usually used as a journal entries and publications are displayed in a chronological order all this so you can see the most recent to the oldest.
  • Website Virtual Store: These pages are used to market your products online with this page you can manage your inventory publish your products track orders, send emails, generate discount coupons, etc.
  • Portal web page: It is a page that can provide content and divide it into multiple sections. There are 2 types of portal and are:

    - Vertical Portal: These are web pages that offer a theme specific as for example: real estate portal, job search portals, etc.

    - Horizontal Portal: Allows access to various sections such as forums, chats, search engine, email accounts, etc.

We have seen some types of web pages but in this article we are going to talk more about informative web pages.

What are the aims of the informative web pages

The main objective of the informative web page is to publicize its services and products, that is, to give a great information of your product can be winged from an image so that the information is clearer.

These web pages work as a showcase to show the information about the company or your products, therefore, it is important that it maintains a good image. Nowadays, any company needs to have a website on the internet, even if you do not have the need to sell through the web, it is always important to get to know you in a big place like the internet. Normally the informative web pages present us the services or products in a neutral way for all the possible clients. When we want to attract clients, the first step is to segment our clients according to their needs. Normally an informative web page does not need many updates, since the function of this is to show information, and mainly it will only be changed to modify this content. A great advantage of this type of pages is that it is created in a very economical way, with a colorful design, adding images and text we can inform the users. An informative website, stands out for its simplicity, speed, comfort and, above all, for being the cheapest way to have a professional website.

In summary one of the pages of this type of pages is that is created by ugina informative web, is a page whose main objective is to make more information available to users

Where could our informative web page be?

The web pages informative are those that do not require many updates are those that are more focused to show information. The informative web pages are ideal for what simply offers a description of the company, who we are, services, etc.

They are ideal for companies that only want to show information to their customers let's say their company data


The advantages of having an informative website are the following:

  • The most common advantages is that they are very economical for companies because they only need a colorful design and with colorful images and text would already be created.
  • Also an informative website is very simple, it is not complicated to do.