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Why is it important to have a good web design?

Why is it important to have a good web design?

Understanding the digital world is a basic rule to know how to develop a good web design of our business or personal page, because it is surely the first vision that some people have of us and our brand, therefore , we must know how to introduce ourselves.

Not all the designs or all the contents that we upload to our page are interesting for other people, so it is necessary to know what attracts people in terms of content and design.

In its beginnings, the design was based on putting a luminous sign on a central street to reach the target but now it goes further, to the point where the designers must attract the attention of the public in most aspects and know what prices are the most competitive because if you can put three posters instead of one is an opportunity that maybe your competition does not have.

Therefore, answering the title: Yes it is important to have a good web design and for this, we have to take into account certain aspects that will make possible an increase of our Internet users and an increase of web positioning of our website.

What aspects are important to our audience

Each page and web design is totally different but everyone must follow a basic line to get the attention of the public.

  • Name and logo : they should be clear and eye-catching so that customers remember it in a simpler and easier way.
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  • Content : it has to be entertaining and original to engage and capture the attention of users and thus generate a sense of wanting more. It is the most important aspect to take into account since with it along with the web design are the letter of presentation of our company or ourselves, in case of having a personal page.
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  • Typography : all the texts that are going to be part of our page must be clear, for this it is advisable to use a typography that provides us with visibility and reading of the same. Also, you must play with the size so that the user does not see a monotony and is more interesting to read.
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  • Images : must be of high resolution to impact the user and not generate a sense of rejection when viewing images with poor quality.
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  • Dynamic elements : such as animations, videos, gifs, emoticons, questions, surveys, etc ... All of them make it possible for the content to be more fluid and therefore , the user perceives a sense of interaction and dynamism with the page and the design of it.
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  • SEO: in this century SEO or web positioning for different companies is very important because this does not make the page more attractive but it does make it more visible to your competition when a user browses the web. It is important to know what keywords or keywords we are going to use that make our page visible and call the attention of the reader.
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  • Links to other networks and other content previously published on our page : this makes it possible for the Internet user to interact and navigate much more, causing a growth in their knowledge and generating a focus of attention on our website.
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  • Contact data : it can be a tool to attract future users and clients, as well as offering bidirectional communication with current users and customers.

The web design itself must be very visual and easy to use so that our target audience can access the information they seek in the simplest way possible and in a few clicks. And for this, it is necessary to carry out a visual and content hierarchy where the user is not saturated when processing the information on the page.

With all the elements we have mentioned, do you know if your page has a good web design ?


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