For some months now we have been seeing that these two acronyms gain strength on the internet and we may wonder where they come from and What do they mean. First UI comes from the words User Interface, while UX comes from User Experience. What usually happens is that people tend to put them in the same package, because they believe that to have a good user experience just enough with a nice design and stunning images; which is a very wrong thought which when you finish reading this post you will understand why

What is User Interface?

The term User Interface in Spanish User Interface is focused on what the user sees in each section of an application, either Web or mobile devices. It is created by a designer from the creation of wireframes and mockups to then feed the base of that construction with colors, gradients and flirty buttons, and finally you can dedicate to touch up the structure with a jquery slideshow, or maybe a video player or audio.

What is User Experience?

On the other hand an app with good & nbsp; User Experience or User Experience It focuses more on what the user needs by putting himself in his place, understanding his main needs to make an application as comfortable and simple as possible. The main factors to consider are:

  • Load times
  • Positioning buttons
  • Gestures that minimize our work (Ex: Double click to like on Instagram)
  • Forms with as few fields as possible

It's often the case that we enter a page or mobile application and without letting us try it we obliged ga fill a tedious form which will take more than 5 minutes to fill and for those 5 minutes that may not represent anything we uninstall the application or we leave the page, which is a great loss to the company that has developed . Looking at the most successful applications, for example WhatsApp, creating an account is as simple as inserting your phone number and login with your google or facebook account so that you do not have to fill in username or password fields. In conclusion, an expert in UX sees the page, and questions: - does this really work? Is it deductible for an inexperienced user? How to make the user's life easier? And therefore it will fulfill the role of "web psychologist" of the user, decide what encourages, stimulates or frustrates, and propose a couple of changes, all for the sake of the "patient" user

In short, the User Experience is the result of the union between a good design and a layout as comfortable and simple as possible for the user, emphasizing the interactions and searches of the user's user, and a correct architecture of the scenarios. While the User Interface is focused on everything related to the visual such as colors, transitions, layouts, typography, etc.