Freelance blog

It consists of developing a blog in an independent domain of your web

With WordPress you will have to look for a template or theme as similar as possible to the style of your website and adapt it so that at any moment the user identifies it as a part of your brand and link it from the menu of your homepage.

Making an independent blog has its advantages:

You have available all the specific tools to make blogs that WordPress allows. p>

It will allow you to try different designs without affecting your main website.


You will have to learn how to create and layout the new articles. If you are going to use WordPress, it is not very complicated, but like everything it takes a while to learn it.

You have to keep 2 web pages, the main one and the one of the blog.

Integrated blog

Is to make a WordPress blog , but instead of assigning a new domain as a separate web, integrate it into your web, so that the user does not give note that it is in another site.

This can be achieved by modifying the styles and code of the blog template so that it maintains the header and footer of the main web and is shown only in the content part of the web. .


Not all web pages allow it, depending on its code and design it will be more or less easy to integrate a CMS within the same layout.


There are several reasons why adding a blog to your web page is a good idea, the first one is your potential clie ntes.

You will have all the power of WordPress without having to maintain two websites.

The user will perceive it as a single web.

You can keep the current web, with its design and structure.

You will not need to position a new web since it will be all together.

From the blog

Adding a blog to your web page will improve your search engine rankings, helping you to appear in the top positions of Google search engines when looking for related terms with the content of your page. This gives more visibility to your web page and your customers will find it easier to find you.