The web design can encompass different specialties, both in production and maintenance. It may be necessary graphic design, interface design, code creation, user experience design. The word web design is related to a part of the web page, the front-end (everything the client sees).

To make a good web design it is important to have a guide, thus ensuring a consistent brand identity. A design guide, apart from being a document for the website, shows what the project is and what it aspires to be. This usually brings together design, voice and code in a manageable, usable and easy to understand manner.

The design guide has to look like the web page. It should show color palettes, typographies, shapes and design forms, all very clear. This helps team members see the information at a glance and be able to use it without difficulty. Below we show 4 elements that the guide should contain.

Brand identity

The brand identity shows, in a visual way, the way in which the design materials are seen. For example, show real cases that teach exactly what you want to present.

The design guide has to look like the web page. You can make screenshots of the home page and the mobile home page, application or place where the design is correct. The brochure should look like the page in color palette, brand, images, typography, etc. This creates brand consistency.

Voice and personality

The writing style is just as important as the brand. Together with the images, colors and type, a global personality is created for the brand. It's how people will identify it (imagine Coca-Cola with its distinctive red).

Words for SEO

The creation of a list of keywords for search engines must be created from the beginning and frequently. The keywords must represent the design elements throughout the web design.

Code snippets

Every design guide should include pieces of commonly used code, such as buttons, animations and slider effects. These pieces of code help the workflow, both your own and that of teammates.

In summary, a good design guide should contain, at a minimum, brand identity, voice and personality, SEO words and code snippets. This way we achieve efficiency and ease in the work to be done, both for us and for our team.