What is network hardware?

Network hardware (in English) are those components computers that allow data to be transmitted between electronic devices. A network of devices can contain a wide variety of hardware components, from the known routers that we all have in our homes, even switches (or switches in English), that allow you to connect several devices in the same network. The best known hardware so far is the ethernet adapter that is copper based which is a standard inclusion

There are some devices that are considered network hardware phone, mobile, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) and some modern electronic devices this is considered because most have integrated IP

Network Hardware

What are the hardware components?

  • Router
  • Modem
  • Switch
  • Network card
  • Hub

What are the main components of a network hardware?

As we have commented previously, probably the router is one of the best known devices in the network hardware.

What is a router?

A Router allows you to interconnect networks between devices. The router takes care of manage the data traffic between devices let's say it's the choose the path by which to travel the information package. Currently, a router can be used to distribute the Internet through a telephone line to multiple devices. To be able to connect to a router, the most typical method It is usually through an ethernet cable, which is connected from the device in question to the router. Also, if it is a Wireless or WiFi router, it also gives us the possibility to connect to a network wirelessly.

Operating a Router

The operation of a router is to say that it stores the received packets and then processes it for get the origin and destination information they have once having this data the router sends it to another router or takes it to its final host

In order for our devices to connect to these devices, hardware is necessary specific networks, known as network cards.


What is a Network Card?

Network cards are used to connect a device to the network, so they canreceive and transmit data. There are many types of network cards, among them, the most common are:Ethernet cards, which allow you to connect to a network through a network cable. And the cardswireless, that allow us to connect to a network without the need of any cable and that makes it possible to share resourcessuch as: files, external hard drives, printers. There may also be a computer network

What features do you have the network cards?

The most common characteristics of a network card are the following

  • jumbo Frame: These indicate us that it supports for big packages let's say that when downloading or uploading a package This will allow us to improve our speed
  • IEEE 802.1Q: With this we can have technology that will allow you to have several logical subnets in our same physical network
  • IEE802.1p: This will give you a good service and a good speed improvement
  • IEEE.802.11b: With this we can reach 11 Mbits (Megabit)
  • IEEE.802.11n: With this we can reach 248Mbits (Megabit)

There are many more features of a network card but these are for the most common when buying one and with the passage of time can be improving

What is a Switch

A switch works similar to a router, however, there are several differences between the two components. A switch allows the interconnection of devices in the same network. Using ethernet cables, we can connect multiple devices to include them in the same network. The switches vary in size and capacity, we can find from switches with 8 ports to switches with more of 50 ports. The switches are usually used in sites that require a large network dimensions with many devices, such as workplaces, schools, or others. Unlike routers, they have more limited functionalities.

How does a switch work?

When our team issues a message, the switch is in charge of retransmitting the message sent this can only be done by the exit. For the switch to do it, it uses the physical address of our network card (MAC) if you connect several switches they will communicate themselves let's say they will already know how to send our data.

What is the difference between a Switch and Hub?

The difference between a Switch and Hub is the way they have when distributing an ethernet packet between devices they have connected to the ports. The hub only copies the transmission units of the network and each of its ports in exchange the Switch learns the addresses of each of its connected devices and simply transmits the network unit from one port to another

In summary, a switch keeps the records of the MAC address (Media Access Control) of all its connected devices with only this information the switch can identify system is in each port instead in Hub generates traffic in the network can generate response times network and you also have to share your bandwidth with all the connected ports.

Hub vs Switch

What hardware do I really need for my network?

After seeing the main components of a network, you will ask yourself which components really they are necessary for a network. The answer varies depending on the needs of each network.

For example, in a home network, a router with an integrated modem would suffice, and hardware enabled with cards/network chips to access the internet. Most routers are able to manage devices in a small network. If we want to improve the network of our house we can do it having hub or switch this will help so that more technological devices you have access to internet using the wiring but if we only want to use wifi, it would be better to buy some wifi amplifiers. where our Wi-Fi network is too slow connection and thanks to this we can have better connection.

However, in the case that we need a larger network, for example, for an office located in a whole building, we would probably need specialized networking hardware and powerful, such as those offered IT Market

For a company or office of work the best thing would be to have a Switch that if you have many devices that need having a network this would be good for the ports of our router to be increased and also for our speed network faster fence

My most useful advice is that our network is more by cable if our network can not be wired we would need have wifi amplifiers these improve the wifi connection if you are too far from the router but the best option would be that everything was connected by cable this would be good in an office so the signal would go much faster

Many home routers are limited to a small number of ports, which is a problem in networks that require wired connections of multiple devices. Also in some cases, it is necessary separate the devices in different networks, which requires a special configuration of the components of networks. Depending on each network, we will need one type of hardware or another, so, in the case of need to create a large network, the help of qualified technicians is essential to devise and implement it.

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