Maintaining the security of your networks and systems requires specific tools to monitor them. With Kali Linux you will have the best tools at your fingertips and grouped into a single GNU /Linux distribution from which you can test your computer systems.

1 . What is Kali Linux?

Kali Linux is the updated and optimized version of the BackTrack distro developed by Offensive Security, which during its seven years of life gained a large following.

These same developers have been the creators of the new version of the Debian-based distro, instead of Ubuntu as it was with BackTrack, whose main objective is to provide the best tools for network auditing and computer security in general.

2. Kali Linux is not harmful.

As you may have thought, Kali Linux is the perfect tool for hackers, who seek and find the limits and cracks in the security of networks and computer systems. But that does not have to be aimed at committing illegal acts, since being a hacker is not linked to cybercrime, although some can devote themselves to it.

In fact, it is conceived as a tool for forensic analysis tasks , with which to discover where a computer system has been attacked and find possible traces of its attacker.

The philosophy on which Kali Linux is based is its use and development for educational and ethical purposes, with the that we can explore weaknesses in the security of networks and systems to build a safer Internet for all.

3. Complete toolkit

One of the main virtues of Kali Linux are the more than 300 tools and applications related to computer security that it includes, highlighting some as well known as Nmap, which allows scanning the ports of a system , the password cracker Jack the Ripper or the Aircrack-ng suite to check the security of wireless networks.

In addition to the applications that are included in Kali Linux, this distribution offers support for a wide range of applications. wireless devices to work with, as well as a wide variety of platforms such as ARM, Raspberry Pi, Chromebook, etc.

4. How to install it

Kali Linux, like any other distro, you can use it from a USB, install it in a virtual machine or install it in a partition of your hard drive.

Whatever your choice, what we recommend for your own security, is not to download Kali Linux from any site that is not its official website.

5. What you can do with Kali Linux

As we have already mentioned, Kali Linux is a distribution oriented to computer security, so with it you can run all kinds of tools with which to test the security of your systems and networks.

This does not mean that when running Kali Linux on your computer a large button will appear in the center of the screen with which your computer becomes a machine to dodge security systems.

To fully squeeze Kali Linux you will have to learn to use each of the tools you need and that is something so broad that there are university degrees based on it.

Luckily, the The amount of documentation and support forums Kali Linux has is enormous and you will be able to find an answer to any doubt or problem that may arise when using the tools included in Kali Linux.