The programs for supermarket and hypermarket management are an advanced tool aimed at providing professional solutions to supermarket chains, hypermarkets and self-service stores. Programs that enable a control both from the central offices of the brand and from each of the stores. These softwares have a great adaptability which allows them to adapt to the needs of each company. The main advantages of using software of this caliber will be shown below.

Stock Management

The ERP management for hypermarkets, supermarkets and supermarkets integrate a expert warehouse management, with & nbsp; automatic merchandise sourcing in different centers.

Purchase and Sale Management

These Softwares also provide complete control of purchases with supplier price negotiation and complete sales control with competitive pricing.

Offer Management

Most management ERPs for hypermarkets, supermarkets and self-services support the format of EAN128 labels and RFID features, the connection with scales and offer the possibility of managing advertising and headers to achieve good communication with customers.

Management of all franchises

Management of all franchises


The management programs for supermarkets and hypermarkets allow connection with stores in real time for price updates, receipt of tickets, cash receipt receipt, store orders, etc.

Electronic Billing System

These programs have notable resources that integrate an updated EDI electronic billing system and can be easily linked to e-commerce stores.

Creation of personalized offers

These softwares admit different types of offers or promotions destined to the sales in the supermarkets, supermarkets or hypermarkets, for example, promotions of type 3X2, prices by lots and others. & nbsp; Management programs that help to retain customers with unique and original resources.

High portability

The ERP management for hypermarkets and supermarkets consist of with numerous mobility solutions to be installed in PDAs, mobiles, tablets or laptops for the completion of inventories, store orders, in goods receipt controls, in the case of having to manage breaks or breakdowns, or simply to check product prices.

Treasury management

Supermarket and hypermarket management software integrates a complete treasury management with treasury forecasts, a multitude of tools for information analysis, as a scorecard, a centralized document management, etc.

Human Resources Management

The & nbsp; management programs for supermarkets and hypermarkets promote management of human resources, payroll, with presence control, document management in the cloud, among many other features that will keep you informed of each employee.