Warehouse Management is becoming increasingly important in medium and small companies that carry out distribution activities, as it directly affects their results and competitiveness. Some of the factors that explain it are the increase in the demands of the service by the customer, the increase in logistics costs and, in particular, those related to warehouse space.

This reality requires an automated and efficient management that allows reducing stocks, increasing turnover and ensuring high availability for the market. The stock management applications are specially designed to solve the problems of all types of warehouses, from the smallest, to the largest and most complex.

A good stock software manages to maximize the available space of the warehouse and reduce personnel expenses, which in a traditional warehouse can reach 60 percent of total expenses. In addition, it can help companies improve service levels, reducing operational costs, reducing handling times, avoiding the unknown loss of items and errors in deliveries.

Warehouse resources software

A good application allows you to manage and control the resources involved in warehouse management, through the configuration, management and analysis of: forklift models, types of containers, characteristics of pallets, terminals, profiles of warehouse users , carrier profiles, delivery addresses or docks per carrier.

Merchandise entry management

Any minimum error in the inflows can condition all your subsequent storage and delivery process. The solution puts at your disposal the ideal tools so that the control of inflows is carried out with maximum efficiency. From the reception of the merchandise, generation of labels, location proposals and the issuance of the entry documents in the corresponding warehouse, until the reconditioning of the product, its physical location in the warehouse areas or the capture of expiration dates.

In this way, it allows to establish the maximum and minimum levels of stock for each product, and configure alerts for when it needs to be replaced, thus allowing a greater and more efficient control of stock.

Warehouse Maps

Thanks to zone management, automation and the use of radiofrequency terminals, the volume of global stock can be reduced, more effective space can be obtained and the capacity of the service can be increased.

The applications usually incorporate specific tools to manage in an agile way all the warehouses, defining parameters such as zones, loading and unloading docks, as well as the locations. In addition, you can choose, according to the needs of each moment, if you perform the management of a warehouse determined by locations or by fixed position.

Additionally, through radio frequency terminals, it is possible to access the central databases, register products, carry out transactions between warehouses or carry out any other necessary operation, in a totally automatic way and with information in real time.

Management and preparation of goods delivery

The applications have systems for the management of shipments with relocations in storage and with the option of deliveries of goods partially or completely, depending on the availability of the article and the requirements of each client. The solution automates the corresponding merchandise reserves, providing updated information, at all times, on the available units of each order.

Management of expeditions

  • Management of work orders (automatic or manual) from orders (from the system or from the web) or transfer requests
  • Possibility of grouping and reordering warehouse work orders
  • Possibility of pause and change of operator in work orders
  • Sending expeditions by priority and date
  • Movements and pending operations
  • Unauthorized orders
  • Partial deliveries and by full order
  • Earrings to leave, to pack and to issue
  • Issue operations
  • Consultation of issued
  • Management of heavy and / or bulky products to be the first ones in preparation
  • Management of bulky products for direct loading in transport
  • Possibility of capturing serial numbers or batch in departures