If you work in manufacturing or industrial production, a management software will be a great ally in the management of your business. You will modernize your manufacturing company integrating production and accounting with customer management, orders and inventory. So, everything will be related and you will have incredible control over your manufacturing processes. & Nbsp;

Manufactures with efficiency and agility

Get detailed information on billing and profitability per customer or product at several levels. Compare the estimates with the actual costs per order. Follow all the automated processes in real time from anywhere to have total control. & Nbsp;

Work with more vision of the future

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& nbsp; Calculate budgets at the touch of a button. Production in mixed systems allows you to manufacture flexibly. Whether it is to fulfill customer orders (MTO, ATO) or increase inventory (MTS). & Nbsp;

Help your human resources team

This type of software usually includes a section dedicated exclusively to human resources, something essential to have everything under control. These are its possible functionalities;

  • HRMS core: & nbsp; These are the specific functions of human resources applications. These functions usually have a direct impact on personnel management, payroll and other aspects that are directly related to the human resources department of a company. HRMS comes from the English Human Resource Management System and usually refers specifically to this type of software.
  • Payroll and salary management: There are independent applications that they have among their functions the management of salary and payroll of employees. In this case, this software is specifically geared to these tasks and is not included within the HRMS Nucleus, but as a category by itself within the human resources applications.
  • Talent management: These functions tend to be more advanced, so not all human resources departments and applications need to include them. Normally talent management refers to the monitoring of employee performance, as well as other associated tasks. Within this type of modules you can also include those functions specific to the selection of personnel for a vacant position or even training applications for employees within the company.
  • Cargo management work: There is software within the human resources applications that is responsible for the management of the work of the staff. The inputs and outputs, the tasks performed, the assistance and withdrawals and other factors are those that are managed from this function of the HRMS. Normally, this function is included in applications specifically aimed at managing this type of workload, although some of the larger suites for human resources management also include this function.