Each type of company has its needs, both management, communication and planning, so studying the tasks and resources needed to carry them out is crucial to achieve all the objectives Those responsible for this type of business know that investment in information technology and new technologies is very important to move your business forward, so today we want to talk about a type of resource widely used by fashion companies, their applications and especially their management .

Whenever new options come up in & nbsp; POS software for clothing & nbsp; & nbsp; or that the versions of the most used programs are renewed and updated, tools that make life easier appear ... or exactly the opposite. It happens that, the more tools the user has available, the easier it is to get confused and end up wasting the improvements of the software for which he paid. Each business has very special needs but, as a general rule, the functions mentioned below are some of the most important for the good management of a clothing business. Check them out and keep them in mind if you're trying to identify the most valuable features for you in a software.

Direct links to messaging systems

The reports that are generated, the sales that are closed and the sections or orders that are raised, must always have an option of sending by instant messaging or email, since this facilitates the organization of tickets, the clarification of doubts that arise during the movements and, of course, improves the communication between the staff in the cashier, the warehouse and the accountant or account manager.

Multicaja options

Occasionally , the traditional software TPV for clothes is limited to the attention in a single box, so, to get that in your shop it is possible to control several boxes at the same time so that the customer service is speed up, it's best to look for an option in the cloud, because without a doubt, you'll be able to r always available multi-way function so you can serve as many customers as you need, at the same time, even from your personal computer or tablet.

Generation of barcodes

The best programs they allow to generate bar codes for internal control of the product and even to print them on labels ready to be placed in the packages. Check that yours complies with this function, since it will be of great help when it comes to controlling and managing your merchandise neatly.

Retention of accounts receivable

If an account is ready to be paid must be postponed momentarily (as when the customer requires a change of product or when a price clarification should be made, for example) your software & nbsp; should allow you to keep the account for a reasonable time (at least 30 minutes) so you can continue charging in the same box without that the movement that was pending to close is lost. This saves a lot of time for tellers and guarantees the best service for your customers.