The digital age has brought many advantages when it comes to developing different activities, especially when it comes to automating processes and measuring results within a company. Almost all businesses are taking advantage of digital tools of all kinds to optimize their sales.

Online booking systems on a website are one of the best ways to increase sales in a business that offers services on the Internet, since customers can access from any device. If you want to use your own online booking system on your website, you have two options available: an expensive option and a cheap option. The expensive option will be to hire a programmer who designs a custom online booking software to cover the business needs of the business. & Nbsp;

On the other hand, the cheap option will be use an external online booking software that allows you to use it on your website, as well as on other social platforms and booking portals. In recent times not only are implemented on websites, more and more mobile applications are used for ease of use.

The App itself will allow you to create a new user account, facilitating future reservations and increasing your base of customer data. Depending on your needs you must decide on one type of software or another, we recommend custom software before the generic for its advantages when adapting to any type of company and with the option to add different modules later.

Characteristics of reservation programs

  • Allows customers to schedule appointments directly from within their application
  • Allows you to set up payments for the reservation
  • Manage your appointments from the integrated system
  • Receive notifications via email for each appointment request
  • Allow users to register accounts for future reservations
  • Increase your number of clients without the need of a single telephone call

Below we will present a list of the most used online booking systems today.

  • Reservation of accommodation

  • Reservation of accommodation is another excellent online booking system that you can use for your business if you are looking to increase sales .

    This online booking software is also very versatile because it has different versions and services depending on the type of business. It is designed and thought for:

    • Hotels and accommodations: & nbsp; They have booking engine, channel manager, satisfaction surveys and hotel management software. li>
    • Restaurants : : & nbsp; They have a restaurant booking engine, online booking book and satisfaction surveys.
    • Activities : They have a booking engine for activities with a general and individual calendar for each activity, book of online reservations and satisfaction surveys.
    • Online reservation centers: They have a super administrator to create and manage each business, access for each owner, satisfaction surveys and query sheet and results based on different search criteria.

  • iBizi

iBizi is a software that allows you to manage any r type of accommodation (hotels, rural house, apartments, and boarding house), from checking online availability and booking to generating bills.

You must remember that this software is only available for booking engines on-lineaccommodation version.

This management program or n hotel , being hosted in the cloud, is accessible from any site and device (computer, tablet, mobile).

With this software you can improve, as well as save time and money, in the management of your establishment. And the 7 advantages that this management program has n hotel & nbsp; are:

  • Make a reservation for multiple rooms with a single click.
  • Make several invoices for the same reservation (accommodation, services, consumption, etc.).
  • Manage clients, companies and agencies, to which to link each reservation.
  • Make reports from travelers for the Police.
  • Automatic sending of satisfaction surveys.
  • Automatic sending of reports to the INE (National Institute of Statistics).
  • Integration with the Channel Manager and Online Booking Engine


SimplyBook is an excellent online booking booking system for any company that wants to digitize the programming of their professional services.

For several days I have been testing, and I must confess that I have been impressed by its many features, as well as the interface that is very intuitive and easy to use.

Another advantage offered by SimplyBook is that its management panel is available in Spanish, & nbsp; and in 12 other languages.