The use of & nbsp; gym and club management software has been extended to large sports centers and small boutique centers.

It is a tool that It has become essential. With it, they obtain data that helps them evaluate each aspect of management and consider the changes needed to improve.

What is a management software for gyms?

It is a technological tool that will help the owners of any sports center to take better control of their personnel, equipment and, above all, their clients. This is possible thanks to the implementation of the database of the establishment along with a series of algorithms that, in conjunction, achieve results that allow a better vision of the business. & Nbsp;

What benefits does the management software for gyms provide?

  • Better control: thanks to the implementation of a gym management software , you can organize the resources of your center better, that is, elements such as drinks, food, towels, paper and so on, will be better profitable. & nbsp;

  • & nbsp; Effective staff: all business owners face different types of personnel, management software will help you to be informed about the effectiveness of the work , allowing you to make good decisions regarding personnel. & nbsp;

  • & nbsp; Better customer service ntes: The soul and the engine of all business must be cared for and taken care of in all aspects and thanks to the implementation of this software, this may be possible. Thanks to the algorithms and variables used, customer data can be organized in a better way, allowing you to know key aspects such as: the monthly or annuity, the clients who return or enter new, their favorite exercises, main demands and complaints, as well as your tastes in question of your establishment.

Managing membership fees

Subscriber management is critical because in many cases it is the most important income for the center. That is why the gym management programs have & nbsp; a series of tools to configure, manage and monitor everything related to fees and subscribers, they can create new types of subscribers , exclusive rates and discounts & nbsp; for customers.

You can view and extract reports easily to let you know the status of subscribers, pending fees and the progression of the income.

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Its main features are:

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  • Maintenance of subscription data. & nbsp;
  • Different rates depending on groups or clients. & nbsp;
  • Different rates for members of the family. & nbsp;
  • Possibility of suspending / resuming the payment.
  • Monitoring of defaults. & nbsp;
  • Remittance of fees by bank with the rest of services .

Managing targeted activities

Organize activities aimed at through the system . Create schedules and indicate the number of seats available and allow your customers to register themselves through the web or the mobile APP.

Its main features are:

  • Definition of schedules, places and resources of each activity.
  • Management of registration of activities.
  • Link with access control.
  • Reservation of online place through web and mobile APP.