Today we programmers have many resources at our disposal that help us make our work easier and faster, for example, to create desktop applications for Java we can use JavaFX and some external program such as Scenebuilder to help us create the physical aspect, but we can also do it programmatically, building the application only with code, both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

Using external programs we will go faster and it is a clearer way to program, but there are some things that simply can not be done in another way, if we want that when we give a button different objects are created on the screen we will not have another to do programmatically.

What is programmatic programming really?

According to the official definition, it is the use of programming to achieve a task, for example, change the properties of a file can be done by right clicking, clicking on properties and changing to taste, do so programmatically It would be to create a code to do it for us.