Hotel Management Application-Software for Windows


What is Arpen Technologies and how does it help the growth and organization of a Hotel?


You may own a hotel or hotels and still be unclear about the potential of a management program for companies such as Arpen Technologies' management programs.


Arpen Technologies is designed to solve all your hotel management needs: booking management, billing, economic control, listings, etc. All ERP applications are configurable to a certain extent. What does this mean? Most ERPs do not really adapt to the business, but the business adapts to the ERP. At Arpen Technologies we believe that a management system must adapt to the business and not the other way around.


Below you will be shown the advantages and benefits and why you should use Arpen Technologies Software to reach that level of organization that will make your hotel go one step ahead of the rest.


Decision making.


It is said that the purchase of a software of this type is a strategic decision to be taken and it's absolutely right. It makes it easier for us to make a decision since we have all the company's data on a screen. By having data always available from all departments and a well-defined planning within the system it is logical that we can make important decisions more easily.


Quality and relationship with the client.


A correct implementation of Arpen Technologies allows us to respond to the client in a much shorter time. Imagine that we rent a room, if at any time we have a claim that the heating of that room does not work, we can find in a very short time the origin of the equipment, the provider, the guarantee and other data. Basically it offers a much faster traceability in all aspects.




The crucial information of the company will be duly protected in two senses. In the sense of information theft or unauthorized access to it, as well as the security of the data. On the other hand, the information will be centralized and with backup copies programmed automatically to prevent any failure.


Employee productivity.


With Arpen Technologies you will be able to optimize the process management that consequently increases the productivity of the employees. Duplicate jobs are eliminated, redundant information is eliminated or processes are automated. For example, imagine that we implemented the validation of a field that assumes the total weight of the merchandise for a truck. An error here can be crucial in the business of a company but with a simple validation in the form we avoid the -tragedia -.


Push to grow orderly.


Normally all companies want to grow in the short or long term. With Arpen Technologies you are able to grow much more orderly and less painfully. By having full visibility of the hotel at a precise moment on a screen, we can easily determine where the weak point in the structure of the hotel are that makes growth impossible or needs to be reinforced.