When you have decided to implement a Parking and Garages Software in your company, you should know that the benefits you can obtain will be many and varied. But these advantages will be shared between your company and the users of the Parking, since they will have the option of finding quickly the free parking space they are looking for, with the consequent savings in time and fuel.


The management of a car park does not start with the entry of the vehicle, but at the customer's own home; For example, with the reservation of a parking space, it does not even end with the departure of the vehicle, since the bonus points, the general overview of all the services used and many other advantages will help you to understand the needs of your customers.

Why do companies look for specialized software?

The digital age has brought many advantages when it comes to developing different activities, especially when it comes to automating processes and measuring results within a company. Almost all businesses are taking advantage of digital tools of all kinds to optimize their sales, and also the car parks and garages sector is modernizing in this regard.


What allows to make a computer program for parking?


Its advantages are very varied, we will summarize some of its applications:

  1. Energy management and lighting indicators according to occupation. Carbon footprint reports for LEED certification.
  3. Reservation of spaces, time and date of occupancy, reservation of VIP spaces, VE, temporary reservation.
  5. The software has a record of available places, period of time and provides real-time monitoring of all the states of the system.
  7. Balance of the day: It offers the possibility of making accounts when closing and solving any error that may arise.
  9. Employee management: Help in the management of schedules and is a great help to check the hours worked by employees.
  10. Collection management: Automation of the collection process.



As you can see, you can save a lot of time and effort in different aspects of the daily life of a parking garage, and it will positively affect not only the business management itself, but also the employees and customers.