What do I need it for ?: Basically, if your business has an online presence, you need it. The main reason is usually the need to appear in the first search results when a potential client seeks something about your sector and we do not want you to only hear from the competition. If your business not only has an online presence, but you can get economic benefits of SEO , such as an online store or a booking platform, then the need to have a good online positioning is much more obvious.

What to expect ?: Run away from gurus and companies that know all the secrets of google algorithms and that assure you the first position in the results pages. A real SEO auditor will give you a series of guidelines or guides so that Google understands the content of your website well and will explain how to focus on the words or concepts that you really want to position.

How much to expect ?: Although acquiring the SEO knowledge of your auditor will not take much time, applying them and seeing the results will require some more waiting. Depending on the changes, if these are to correct flagrant errors or simple adjustments, google can take to modify its indexation days, weeks or months.

How much to pay ?: A set-up of a static domain should not cost more than € 600, instead, fixing a dynamic domain, with serious SEO errors can consume much more time, require the time of the programmers of the auditor and a deep restructuring of the website, audits have been seen with costs over € 5000.

Where to look: The best place to find professionals who advise you how to appear high in google is, obviously, the top positions in google search results, but try to avoid google ads, because there appear those who pay to leave and not those who leave for professional merit.

Conclusions: Nowadays any business can benefit from having an online presence and in this situation, a good online positioning will exponentially amplify the economic benefits. So if you do not appear in the first 5 google results, look for a good auditor who does everything possible to put you in those positions, the benefits are much higher than the costs.