In its effort to bring Artificial Intelligence to all parts, Google Lens aims to turn your mobile into a complete detector of objects and people.
"IA First", this was the mantra with which Google headed its last Google I /O held last year. Many have been the novelties presented in this area, some of which we can already enjoy. Google Assistant, intelligent selection in Android 8 Oreo, localization of malware in devices and in the store using Artificial Intelligence and neural networks ... The company made a remarkable progress taking the AI ​​to our mobile, but there was still one last step to complete: Google Lens .

What is this visual recognition system?

& nbsp; It is a system that, using the camera of the smartphone, allows to detect objects and buildings, identify them and react to them to show related information or execute actions. It is the evolution of the Goggles application. And it has started to reach all the android.

What exactly does Google Lens do? Should I install something?

This recognition system uses all of Google's experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence, neural networks and machine learning. Based on teaching the system what each thing is and how to react to it, we can use different services just by pointing with the camera. Buy an object with only focus; or know the history of a monument: Google Lens will know what you look and can do as a guide looking for information on the Internet.

Google Lens knows what is looking the camera and can give you its information and history

The recognition system promises to evolve from everything that its users teach to become a visual encyclopedia with a link to the camera. Even more: Google Lens can act as a translator and fill in the password to access a website after having captured the written password.

& nbsp; It is currently starting to arrive thanks to Google Photos but within weeks it will be integrated into the Android system along with Google Assistant. & nbsp;

Google demonstrated the recognition system in the event of the Google Pixel 2. We could see how it captured the objects and threw related information almost magically. After a long wait it starts to arrive for all Android devices and not only for pixels as it was until now.

With a performance similar to Samsung's Bixby Vision, Lens is able to recognize objects with the camera to search around what you see.

Is Google Lens so worth it?

It's still a added to the usual applications of the smartphone and maybe we do not take all the potential it deserves, but it is a huge advance in the interaction of technology with reality. Knowing exactly the buildings and objects that surround us means having a simple access to information that we would not have otherwise. And with the simple gesture of using the camera.

Those who have already tried Google Lens admit that the recognition system and the speed of identification are superb. Google's Artificial Intelligence is at a very high level; something that the company demonstrates in every application that it makes with it on our smartphone. It will undoubtedly be the perfect complement to Google Assistant once it reaches all smartphones: identify with Lens; deepen the information or interact with it thanks to Assistant.