Years ago installing a custom launcher was almost mandatory. They improved notably the performance and agility of the desktop and the drawer of applications in addition to putting many customization options. Today its usefulness is more for the second: offer a lot of functions to put to our liking the main screen of our Android.

What is a launcher?

The first point to cover is to explain what a launcher is and how it can help us.

A launcher is an application that runs in the background and that allows you to configure our desktop, icons, applications dock, gestures on the screen, widgets, wallpapers, google now integration, among many other things. In din that if we like personalization they will be a very useful tool in our day to day.

Each launcher offers its package of options and functions so when choosing one or the other we have to fix everything we can do with it, its fluidity, battery consumption and also that we feel comfortable when using it. This is a very subjective issue so the best way to get rid of doubts is to do tests.

How do you get going?

Launching them is very simple and can be summarized in three steps:

  1. Download the launcher from the play store.
  2. Open and configure it.
  3. Set it as the default launcher of your mobile phone from its settings menu.

It is important that we do the latter because otherwise, each once we press the start button of the mobile to return to the desktop we will load the one that takes our Android by default.

Nova Launcher

the launcher par excellence. Every time there has been a big update on Android, there they have been to catch up fast. They triumphed for offering a very agile and light experience, but at the same time full of options of all kinds.

We can customize every detail, change the icons, modify the distribution of the icons, order apps by tabs in the drawer, use gestures ... Today is still the mirror where any launcher who wants to succeed must look. To put a catch: it is not the most spectacular of all.

Evie Launcher

It is the main competitor of Nova Launcher but looking for its own style. It has a very organized application drawer and especially useful for those who have many apps and games installed. One of the best options right now.

One point in favor of Evi is that it is completely free and does not offer a Pro version to unlock some functions. It is easy to configure and if we are new to the launcher customization, we will be guided step by step by him until we leave it as we like.

Microsoft Launcher

This launcher combines simplicity with good performance and a complete assistant where we can see our upcoming appointments in the calendar, read news and be able to send content from the mobile to a PC with Windows 10 in a very simple way.

Little by little it is updated but for a long time it includes the basic functions of any good launcher that boasts: customize the grid of icons on the desktop, change the icons, be able to modify the wallpaper directly ... It is totally free and the best way to take advantage of it is with a Microsoft account (Hotmail, Outlook or the now defunct Passport).