MIUI 9 includes everything you would expect from a major system upgrade: split screen, wizard and more smart features, improved performance and new themes and most importantly, are now available all over the world.

Split screen

As in Android Nougat, MIUI 9 allows you to multiply your productivity by allowing you to display two different applications at the same time on the screen. Xiaomi had previously tested the screen divided into Mi 5 with MIUI 8 Alpha and with Mi Max 2.

New themes

MIUI 9 comes with four themes: the default theme and three additional themes with provisional names of No Boundary, Color Fantasy and Cool Black. . All of them have a new dock without labels.

Obviously, MIUI 9 also comes with its new dose of wallpapers.

Screen redesigned lock

The lock screen also has changes, as in the shortcuts screen that you get when you swipe to the right of the lock screen. Where are useful shortcuts like: My Home, My Remote, My Pay, Transport Card and turn on the flashlight.

Assistant and universal search

MIUI 9 includes an assistant under the name of Smart Assistant. It is a universal search engine with which you can find almost anything on your phone: calendar events, notes, links, etc.
The assistant does not come alone, but supported by a new universal search that can search for images of way similar to Bixby. Smart features are completed with Smart App Launcher, a smart contextual application launcher whose closest resemblance could be Now on Tap or the Google Assistant itself. These functions will be available in China and later, perhaps, in the international version.

Fluency to the limit

One of the main objectives of MIUI 9 is to achieve greater OS performance in both speed and battery savings. To achieve this, it makes use of anti-fragmentation methods, control of background applications, cache management, automatic cleaning and more. MIUI 9 will try to prioritize the use of resources to free them for the applications that need them at that moment and achieve a more fluid movement.