Creating a logo for a brand /company is not a task that should be left for a beginner, much less for a program that does it automatically. The colors, the forms, the type of letter ... all the details are important, and leaving something like that to a software or to someone who does not know that the image transmitted by the logo can be fundamental in the business, is extremely irresponsible.

On the other hand, we can find the need to make a logo for our reading club, or for the new WhatsApp group, or for any organization that does not have many ambitions, and for this there are many applications that can help us with the task, without having to invest so much money for something that we do not want to take to the professional side.


InstaLogo is a Android and iOS payment app that will transform your mobile device into an application to create logos easily. You can also create flyers, posters, posters, postcards, invitations or any type of design.

The app allows you to share and upload your results to Dropbox, Evernote or Box, or simply save them on your Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It is without a doubt one of the best applications to make free logos of companies that exist.

Either to create your company, a product, an organization or a party, this is your application. The app allows you to choose from its wide range of possibilities and you can also import images from the gallery and then add text with the sources you want.

You can draw, erase, make and undo up to 1000 times and correct everything you want at any time. You can save the result in PDF, JPEG or PNG.


With a very simple operation and an intuitive interface, LogoMaker by DesignMantic is an application to generate free logos in just three steps: choose the design, customize it to your liking and download it at once.

The app offers thousands of creative and fun ideas for you to choose the one you want and the one that more fits your ultimate goal. In just a few minutes you will have your result ready to be used. The downloads can be in JPEG, PDF or PNG formats.

The disadvantage of this application is that the design is free, but the download is paid. Something that many users describe as scams in the reviews. In addition, it is somewhat slow in its creative process and hangs a lot.


Without a doubt, it is a simple application to create free logos that fulfills its purpose if we do not have great ambitions and we need something fast and practical. The first thing you have to do after opening the application is to choose the appearance, and you can choose between Star Wars, Harry Potter, Naruto, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Cola or AKB48. A somewhat limited choice but that can help us to get out of the way.

After choosing, you only have to write the text you want (it does not allow to choose between sources) and once done, give it to CREATE . The app will generate one automatically and you can upload it to Twitter or other social networks. Share your result with whoever you want. You can also save it to your SD card.

LogoMaker and Graphics

LogoMaker and Graphics is presented as the funniest and easiest alternative to create graphics, video inlays or watermarks, among other things. We know that Apple and design go hand in hand, and that is why it is in the App Store where we find the most professional applications of logos on the market.

The iPhone app is paid, but each one of the euros are amortized. You can also pay more and get the desktop version or to get templates of all kinds. The images are free of rights, with which we can use them without problems, and at the same time they have been made by authentic professionalsof design. So, you can use the images in social networks or web pages.

The basic app offers 30 different fully customizable templates through the fonts, settings or extra elements that can be added.
app allows you to save in PNG format in case you want to modify it later with Photoshop and its use of layers. Create wallpapers and original email signatures with this application.


Tweak allows you to create free logos in a professional manner. In just a few minutes you will have at your disposal a professional result for your company or business.
The app gives access to thousands of original and impact templates, so you can choose the color and style you need. In addition, the app works as a creator of flyers, pamphlets or other design materials.

Once you finish the design, you can download the result for free website or pay for something else and get it in Adobe Illustrator EPS format. Then you can share it on Facebook or Twitter.

LogoScopic Studio

LogoScopic Studio is an excellent program to make free and original logos for your company or business completely free. Not only is it a very intuitive and easy to use app, but it will also allow you to obtain a final result more typical of an expert graphic designer.

The application has more than 850 templates that the user can customize at your whim by means of advanced editing and recoloration tools. Also, there are more than 100 fonts with innovative features that will give an original and unique touch.

After editing, the final design can be exported to the mobile to print it on paper, use it on your website or publish it on social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn. You'll get attention!

Studio Designer

It's not a free app, but its € 2.99 is well worth it if you're looking a good one for your iPhone. & nbsp; It is a very simple app to use and it will allow us to make images for web, posters, cards, presentations and much more.

It allows to print remotely with AirPrint and modify the images to the maximum, so that we can customize our idea 100% It is compatible with iPod, iPad and iPhone, so it is perfect for iOS fans.

The application includes more than 100 fonts and 500 graphic elements to use as we see fit, and we also have the possibility of Include images and photos from our gallery. Graphics in high resolution and without having an Internet connection to work: very good!