The way the & nbsp; process of Augmented Reality application development works is integrate & nbsp; Internet with stable products and improve the experience & nbsp; of the users . Augmented reality, when incorporated into companies, provides an improved experience and gives it a new style . A & nbsp; study shows that about 82% of people use & nbsp; smartphones to attract buyers, which will generate a strong impact on customers. Similarly, for much a s things & nbsp; useful, these new applications impossible to imagine a few years ago are possible thanks to the capabilities of the Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality & nbsp;
has several definitions, but essentially & nbsp; allows & nbsp; combines r & nbsp; data from l & nbsp; physical world with the & nbsp; of digital elements . Therefore, the user sees the reality that is superimposed with appropriate information generated by & nbsp; a computer . You might be looking at your rooms with furniture modeled in 3D, in the park surrounded by lots of & nbsp; characters of Disney or a street with virtual routes, adapted to your liking, explaining the tourist places to visit ! < br>
We're going to & nbsp;
to talk about what are the benefits of Augmented Reality for a company: & nbsp;

Advantages that Augmented Reality provides to businesses.

Augmented reality is changing the way businesses and businesses work. The main advantage for companies in the development of augmented reality for & nbsp; tablets and & nbsp; < span lang = "en-ES"> smartphone s en su & nbsp; intuitive use. It's not long before you can try on clothes without putting it on & nbsp; really (IKEA already started doing & nbsp; something similar to & nbsp; this). All this opens many varied avenues for the development of augmented reality applications of Android and iPhone. In addition to this, there will be a future technological evolution where human sensors could touch, feel and smell. & nbsp;

Games and entertainment & nbsp;

Augmented reality has shown its wonders in the & nbsp; world de & nbsp; the & nbsp; games and the & nbsp; entertainment. Specifically, & nbsp; game developers have & nbsp; gotten created super applications & nbsp; by which people are & nbsp; has become crazy and addicted . Pokemon, the application equipped with augmented reality hada great success and & nbsp; was & nbsp; appreciated a by & nbsp; all & nbsp; the world. & nbsp; With your & nbsp; success , Augmented Reality game apps for Android and for Android and iOS received a great impulse The entertainment industry still has many more doors & nbsp; open & nbsp; for Augmented Reality Technology to surprise its users. & nbsp;

Learning and education & nbsp;

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Augmented reality also brings possibilities for teaching and learning processes. & nbsp; A I want to get an authentic virtual experience that can be implemented in real life. With this & nbsp; new form of learning, medical students can easily learn their first surgery without harming the Patients and even future astronauts may be prepared for the next space mission. & nbsp; The r increased augmentation if is incorporated into academic programs, & nbsp; helps students learn and be interested in different subjects. Bliss Technology, if implemented in the classroom teaching of subjects such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Technology and Science, can bring great results.

Medicine & Health & nbsp;

< span lang = "es-ES"> Virtual reality has also shown its productivity in the medical and health field. The therapies that are available to cure many serious ailments are already using amazing VR technologies. Patients with phobias can be provided with the visual environment to fight fear in a very safe way. It is not necessary to experiment with patients visiting the real places. There are possible simplified treatments for health care. The more skilled the developer of the Augmented Reality application they hire, the better the technology will be implemented.

Travel and Hospitality

Would not it be great to be able to experience the place through virtual reality? What do you want to travel before going there?

Travel companies have the opportunity to create a incredible real experience for your clients. Helping to convince your clients of the right trip through a virtual tour to the destination. & Nbsp; Renowned hotel chains & nbsp; as & nbsp; Marriott already have launched & nbsp; the travel experience & nbsp; with the virtual reality in the room & nbsp; of a hotel & nbsp; with the collaboration of Samsung Electronics & nbsp; America. These innovations are giving the travel industry & nbsp; a big boost . & nbsp;