The mobile presence is fundamental today. Smartphones and tablets are two important channels for disseminating content to customers. For this, it is important to 'be' on the users' mobile phones .

The applications facilitate the extension of companies to the mobile domain . It is true that having a good mobile website is important, but mobile applications contribute to complement the mobile strategy . In addition, they are usually easier and more convenient to use than a mobile web, allow use of device features - such as camera or geolocation - and most they do not need an Internet connection that is too powerful, as is the case with web pages adapted to mobile terminals.

Mobile tools provide a presence in a mobile environment that is growing by leaps and bounds. In addition, having well-positioned apps in the most popular mobile app stores-such as Apple's App Store and Google's Google Play-can make organic mobile searches increase , contributing to SEO positioning improvement .

Promotion and sales

First of all, mobile tools can become a good communication channel between corporations and their customers . Instantly and from any place, users can access all the brand information , as long as they have a minimum internet connection. Given the penetration that mobile applications have achieved among users , companies can use them for fast communication and, above all, very effective.

Because of the possibility they offer for reach a large number of users, mobile applications can become a good showcase for the brand, For this, these programs are a good element of promotion and marketing , cheap and, above all, more enduring in the time that the marketing campaigns.

Thanks to this feature, companies can use mobile applications as sales channels . Companies can offer & nbsp; through these tools their products and services to customers. Likewise, they can convert the app into a sales product, monetizing it with in-App payments or determining its price within the Marketplaces themselves.