Today we talk about apps and why you need a mobile application for online store.

Apps are programs designed to be installed directly on a smartphone or tablet. It is another step in our online marketing strategy after creating a web page. Of course, it offers many advantages that a web page can not offer.

Advantages of having a mobile application for online store

Always present

Users spend a lot of time looking at their smartphones. By having an application, we will be constantly on the user's screen. A privileged place, since you will see our icon at all times. This will increase the user's feeling of being able to access the store whenever and wherever they want.

An app also allows us to send push notifications to the user for free. With this we will be reminding you that we are there at any time. In fact, push notifications can have many uses for a mobile application for online store: remember if you need to buy something, offers and promotions that are made, new products that we have, etc.

Higher availability

Our mobile application for online store will be available 24 hours a day. Users can access it at the time they wish. In addition, its access is much easier. While to enter a web page you have to open the browser and search, with an app you just have to touch the icon.

This is especially important for online stores of recurring products. If we buy products periodically, it is easier to do it from an app c The possibilities are many, one option could be to program the app so that users can make standard orders, which would be more willing to continue buying in our store.

Improves user experience

An app allows the user to navigate with simplicity and optimal usability. In addition, we can access phone features such as the camera or location that will make our experience more interactive.

It is not easy to have such a clear and attractive complement, but what really matters is that your application is not a copy of your website because it does not contribute anything.

Increase the clientele

If we can make a mobile application for an online store that is optimal and that attracts the user, it is more likely that he recommends it, but not with the website. With this, we will increase customer loyalty and attract new ones.

SEO positioning

Of course, having a mobile application for an online store improves our SEO positioning. Google indexes both the apps in its Play Store and those in the Apple App Store. Therefore, creating a good ASO (App Store Optimization) strategy helps our search engine rankings.