Google has just announced that it will officially support Kotlin as an official language to develop Android applications , along with Java. Kotlin is a new programming language developed by JetBrains, which also develops the well-known JetBrains IDE on which Android Studio is based, the official Android development tool . Like Java, which is the default language for Android development, Kotlin is a language that runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Android does not use the JVM exactly, But Java's roots are strong, and Kotlin's interoperability with Java has made it a popular choice for developers.

The origin of Kotlin

Kotlin began to develop 6 years ago by the company Jetbrains. His intention was to replace Java in projects developed by the company. His fundamental idea was to develop a simple, powerful, pragmatic and easy-to-use language . Also that it was based on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to be fully compatible with the Java environment.

Advantages of Kotlin versus Android

First of all, Kotlin is focused on Android , as it was developed by the same people who created popular integrated design (IDE) environments, so its origin comes from mobile industry professionals . Also, making the change from Java is easy. In IntelliJ or Android Studio, converting Java files to Kotlin can be done in one click. On the other hand, having the type of null value in its type system, the typical Nulability problems so common in Java, and Android do not occur in Kotlin. In Java, having a null point exception can kill an application. Kotlin solves this by having zero in its type system, without forcing developers to use some kind of alternative solution. In addition, Kotlin is versatile and interoperable with Java . Developers can write new modules in Kotlin that work together with the existing Java code. It is compatible with all existing Java libraries and frameworks. And finally, avoid the collection of additional garbage, a common problem in the development of Android that adds inefficiency to Java code.

Android application development in Kotlin

According to several studies, the adoption of Kotlin is being quite fast and could surpass Java by the end of 2018 , although that does not mean that Java is no longer used. In any case, a great future for Kotlin is forecast, and the development teams must be prepared to face that future. At Arpen Technologies we are always at the forefront of technology , and we develop modern applications that adapt to current times, and that's why our team is constantly professional development to be prepared for the future. If you need us to develop an Android application, do not hesitate to contact us. We will offer you a budget without commitment.