The use of mobile phones continues to grow & nbsp; every year , as well as the number of applications & nbsp; for these . So, who can claim that you can create a hacker-proof application? Well, according to & nbsp; the latest studies the answer & nbsp; it seems to be 'none'. With enough time, research, tactics and the latest technologies, any system can be hacked.

a & nbsp; person from average has around 26 to 55 apps downloaded to your phone & nbsp; mobile , so only one problem in any of these applications can cost you & nbsp; expensive, loss of information, data, images, etc.

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to preventing your apps from being hacked easily:

< h2> Make sure your clients download your application from a trusted site

Mobile malware is the only aspect that takes advantage of all the errors and vulnerabilities in the design and the code of the applications it affects. More than 11 million mobile devices are being affected by malicious code today. In fact, even before the vulnerability is exploited, cyber criminals obtain a public copy of the application and use reverse engineering to detect holes and failures to use for their benefit.

These applications can then be put back into circulation containing malicious code & nbsp; and then placed in third-party app stores to attract unsuspecting users and thus compromise all information on their devices. Therefore, companies should look for tools and techniques that help their developers to detect security holes and protect their applications against malicious activities and forgeries. & Nbsp;

Use of Android Keychain and iCloud Keychain

A Keychain en a container & nbsp; to securely store sensitive data , such as , & nbsp; las password s , username s and other credentials & nbsp;

It's a much better alternative for developers to take advantage of this particular feature as part of the operating system in order to store data instead of using pl ist and NSUserDefaults to store them. The use of the & nbsp; Keychain also ensures that the user does not have to log in every time the application is opened . & nbsp;

Early detection of & nbsp; vulnerabilities in the & nbsp; runtime & nbsp;

No matter how safe the application is, most comes from the device itself . A jailbroken or rooted device increases the risk of hacking the application. Businesses should look for methods infallible to dynamically measure device securityivo. First, the limited environment of the mobile application must be under strict security measures. Jailbreaking and rooting destroy and weaken the underlying security model. It is more viable to restrict these devices from acquiring and managing the company's data. These malicious activities are increasing at an accelerated rate, which is why it is extremely essential to deal with these threats.

Usa & nbsp; e encryption

To protect your data, another vital step that can be use is the use of encryption. We must make sure to use as much encryption as possible while keeping the user's data in any local database. It is the simple process of translating plain text into unreadable encryption or text with the help of certain algorithm-based keys. Therefore, to access the data, the attacker must first obtain the decryption key, thus ensuring & nbsp; the confidentiality of the data.