Everyone knows great applications like: Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Facebook, Twitter, Uber or Instagram. The development of mobile apps has become a multi-million dollar industry with great expectations for the future. But, how can an entrepreneur enter this business?

How much does it cost to create an App and how is it built? We share some points that should be considered before making this decision. Creating a mobile App is a very complex process, but it can bring great benefits for the business or startup that decides to start it up.

How to create an App

Types of Applications

According to its functionality:

Basic Functionality : Think of this as a hierarchy, open large topics on the screen and click on one and you will have a set of new lists. Email on the iPhone is a good example of this. No doubt it is easy to build and design and a good option for companies that want a simple application that shows basic information.

Database with custom functionality : Imagine you have a full amount of content you want to use. An example would be to have hundreds of dog breeds that you want to organize and show differently. This can be done beyond the basic table format, the development becomes more complex.

Games : The range of complexity in this type of App is very wide, you can start with something very simple until you get to 3D or the incorporation of the user experience through the physical movement of the device. Everything is possible in the Game Center.

Improvements or modifications of the hardware of the device : This means that when you create the app you take certain phone functions, such as the alarm, the camera or the flash, to do it better. For example, the camera + app that adds filters to the images you take with your phone.

Fully dynamic applications : Similar to database applications, these apps are based solely on external information - Twitter, Weather Channel, Flipboard.

Custom Services : These applications are designed to allow users to enter the content in a specific way. The examples are Pages, Adobe Ideas and Numbers. Everything else: Surely there are thousands of applications that are completely unique, but the previous list could cover 95% of what is available today.

According to the development technology:

Native Applications s: Are those that are developed with the software offered by each operating system called Software Development Kit or SDK. Native apps are designed and programmed specifically for each platform, be it Android, iOS or Windows Phone, in the language used by the SDK. Among its features is that they are updated frequently and it is the user who downloads the latest version.

Web applications : Web applications or webapps are based on programming HTML, JavaScript and CSS, all very common tools for web programmers. Unlike the native ones, they do not need to be installed because they are displayed as a normal web using the browser.

Hybrid applications : It is a combination of the previous two. In this post about types of apps we develop this topic with more in depth. The type of application you wish to develop may change depending on the amount of content you have and how much control you want to have over the entire process. It is important to realize that you can get applications very quickly and cheaply if you know exactly what kind of application you want to develop.

Mobile application development process

The process of creating an app can be broken into four main parts - idea, distribution and planning, design, and putting into operation.

1. Idea

The first step, even before knowing the idea is to think about how much it costs to create a mobile App. When you discover the approximate prices you usually stop thinking about your idea and this is a mistake. Soon you will realize that there is a great chance of getting a return on investment. For example, the creation of games is complicated but they have the ability to become viral easily. On the other hand, simple applications can not meet high expectations, but they are cheap and easy to build. The first step, therefore, is to find the optimal budget according to your needs and those of the business, in addition to defining the marketing efforts that will be carried out.

2. Planning

This step involves going through each individual screen and understanding how all parts of the application interact with each other. If I press this button, what happens? You will be surprised at the number of steps and scenarios there are, even for the simplest application. The amount of functions to define and build will also play an important role in the cost of the application.

3. Design

The design comes once the programming and functionality have been defined, the designer gets a complete list of what must be created. The design can make or break an application, so simple, so the selection of a good designer is a priority in its development. You will need a great icon that distinguishes your app, home screens, icons of the different tabs ... and everything must be related.

Application development costs

Simple application between 700 - 3 000 € You provide all the content, a clear address, and sample applications of what you want to develop. The additional costs will come when you want to add for example GPS locators, integration of social networks or email, several languages or characteristic sounds.

App with Database between € 5,000 - € 30,000 Includes content, image, writing, sound, etc. The cost will come from the creation of the "logic" within the application and the architecture of the entire capacity of use.

Games between 7,000 - 150,000 € It is the most difficult type of app to calculate. As a point of reference it is said that the development of Angry Birds cost between 90K - 130K € (even though they were the pioneers). Games evolve and get complicated very quickly, and presets for games in mobile applications are beginning to look more like those of video game development. The advantage of a game is that it is downloaded in a much higher number, there is nothing more viral than a fun game.

Additional functions:

Purchases in App between 700 - 2 000 € This allows users to buy new content or full versions of the applications. The cost differential comes from the amount of in-app purchases, the complexity, and if you are doing everything from the application itself, or if you are doing it from a server.

Web Services between 700 - 3,000 € Take the content to a remote access point so you can update your application with XML files. The degree to which you need this type of functionality varies, but it is recommended to discuss the issue with the developer of the app.

Game Center about € 700 Apple has done a good job of making this integration easy with the SDK.

Share content between 300 - 1000 € This is mostly for social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google +) and email, but there may be other integrations. WordPress websites, for example.