One of the most downloaded types of apps that get the most benefit is games.

Many companies want to bet on creating mobile games as a business, & nbsp; to but you do not know very well where to start with the development of games ...

Step 1. Your game idea

Well yes, what most important when creating mobile games is to start from a good idea. In this, creating a successful mobile game is a lot like creating a successful app. If we do not have a good base, an idea that we know we will like, we will not get anywhere, we can have a very well programmed game that if it is not fun, nobody will download it.

It is the most complicated part in the process of creating games and mobile applications. All ideas are practically invented. And also there is no exact formula for success. You need a good idea to get an idea of ​​this kind to succeed and not fail. Let's not kid ourselves, it's very complicated to get ahead. Get income and benefits with a mobile game, it is difficult but we can give you some clues to get you on the right track.

An original and different game

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The idea is the basis, as we have already seen. That is why it is essential that it be unique, original, different. And we know that it is complicated, that it is difficult to make a difference when creating games because there are millions. The stores are full of games, and it seems that everything is invented.

So what can we do? The trick is to unmark what is already done. Although there are games that are similar to our idea, if our idea is good we have to work to make a better proposal.

There are many cases of games that have repeated an existing idea and have triumphed . A clear example can be that of the games of puzzles of diamonds or of games type 'bubbles', a classic of all the life within classic mobiles and videoconsoles.

For example King, with its Candy Crush-a version of the game diamonds but with candy-and its Bubble Witch, is the mobile game creation company that has managed to reinvent an idea and take it to success, eliminating competition and loyalty to players until the extreme.

STEP 2. Monetization of our game

The creation of games for Android on mobile can be just as expensive and expensive as the development of games for any other platform. That is why one of our objectives should be to have a business plan that indicates how we are going to recover the investment.

A monetization strategy is one of the most important parts of the game. Let's see which are the most common in mobile games:

  • In-app purchases: integrated purchases is the most used method for the monetization of Android games. Although these are only made by around 2% of Android users (a bit more on iOS) it is one of the most effective ways to earn an income.

    Ads within the app: There are many apps that combine this technique with that of in-app purchases. Be careful with the content of the ads because if it is not related or bothers the user it will be counterproductive.

    Premium versions: Offer a trial version and charging the user for continuing to play is a risky option. it is used mainly by high-quality games.

    Pay-per-download: This strategy is usually implemented in games with a very high investment. Although the pay per download is usually not very high, there are some games that were born for traditional video game consoles have been adapted to themobile devices and they charge a lot.

STEP 3. What technology are we going to use to create mobile games?

There are currently many technologies to create games mobile phones, although not all are suitable for all projects. Choosing the right technology for your development will directly affect the performance and usability of your game in the future. Let's see what are the most used technologies:

  • HTML5. In the case of creating games with this language, one of its advantages is saves a lot of development and testing time. Besides that with a single development you can create a game for several operating systems.

    Program in native language. & Nbsp; Native development for each platform It contributes a lot. Make the most of phone or tablet capabilities. In addition to squeezing the power of the phone in a much more effective way, the user experience will be noticeably better. This type of development is always more expensive because you have to create one for each operating system and we will need expert professionals in each subject.

    Unity 3D. & Nbsp; example of games developed with Unity that really do not look like, as is the case of Assasin's Creed Infinity for iOS. It is a very useful tool to create games for any platform, although Android is one of the great beneficiaries of Unity.

    Others. & nbsp; There are many other tools to create native, hybrid and crosplatform games. Some are Xamarin, Marmalade or 2D Cocos. But each developer is an expert in one of them.