This article will cover a topic that many will already know about, but for those who are interested in watching online series and movies (in the legal form) it will be of great help when deciding which of the following services of Streaming of online series ver. Remember that all are available for both Android and IOS, so if you are one of those who are bored during the journey to school or work, pay attention to this article as these Apps will be of great help to you not fall asleep and you can stop.

Some of these app may have regional restrictions, which means that your services may not be available in your country or region. In this case, remember that you can always try to take refuge in the bonanzas of the VPN connections.


HBO has always had the snag of being one of the most expensive offers & nbsp; and that is something that throws back many users, so last year has lowered considerably the prdcios of subscriptions and has gone from € 10 to € 7.99 in Spain, although in other countries of Europe it continues to cost the same. It does not present a catalog as extensive as that of Netflix, but in return, it is the home of Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, Silicon Valley, The Wire and many other great series. The first month is free and from the second 7.99 € per month.


Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming video service today. in day. More than 86 million subscriptions are a more than irrefutable sign that it is the platform in streaming par excellence. Service of great quality, infinity of series and films, content of the house, variety of genres, it adapts to a multitude of devices, Netflix has it all. First month free and between € 7.99 (single) -11.99 € (in family) from the second month.


If you are an anime lover, this is your platform without a doubt, Crunchyroll has more than 25,000 episodes and around 15,000 hours of content. The app is free but with ads, although if we subscribe (€ 6.95 per month) we can get rid of them. It has a free trial period of 14 days. The best way to watch anime from your mobile legally.


Hulu is another of the great in this streaming content next to Netflix. It has a catalog especially focused on the series and is one of the first to upload new content and chapters. It has a basic service of € 7.99 with occasional announcements from time to time, and another 11.99 € completely free of advertising. In Spanish-speaking countries it is not as popular as Netflix, but it is undoubtedly one of the most known platforms worldwide with more than 12 million subscribers among its ranks. The first 30 days of subscription are free.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon Prime is probably one of the most underrated streaming apps that we can find. Its price is € 99 per year (€ 10.99 per month), and in addition to the streaming video platform offers other advantages, such as shipping in 2 days for purchases we make at Amazon.