A good design, if completed carefully, has the potential to increase the & nbsp; confidence that the & nbsp; clients & nbsp; they have in & nbsp; your & nbsp; applications mobile and, therefore, in & nbsp; t or business. The designs talk a lot about & nbsp; your s mobile applications. You can boost or lose & nbsp; visits .

A good user interface design & nbsp;
has a great importance when it comes to your application, be it a success or a failure . & nbsp; A good interface design z must have a perfect balance of incredible appearance and interactivity with ease of use and simple navigation. Whether for a website or for a small small software, prototyping offers an excellent way to check it & nbsp; well you see and & nbsp; fit the target. Therefore, a prototype & nbsp; t gives an idea of ​​the functionality of your design and & nbsp; shows you c any change required to be made & nbsp; to improve it .

Let's talk and explain some of the tools to make designs of app . Certainly, one can not decide which are the best prototyping tools for mobile applications. Each one a has its & nbsp; pros and cons. But before delving deeper into these tools we should know some & nbsp; of the parameters that allow us to differentiate them. & Nbsp;

< span lang = "es-ES"> Parameters of differentiation

Before making the right choice, it is essential to know what exactly is s looking for the prototype creation process. Here we go:

  • Prices: what is & nbsp; t u budget for design tools? & nbsp;
  • Collaboration and exchange: a good prototyping tool should have collaboration features that & nbsp; have the ability to share & nbsp; the prototype with otr a s & nbsp; people & nbsp; or at work. Collaboration is key when the design enters the scene.
  • Requirement s of skill: & nbsp; Are you an expert or a newbie in this field? How long & nbsp; t e & nbsp; will cost & nbsp; create a prototype once you have s finished with the learning process?
  • Accuracy: How accurate do you want s that are & nbsp; t us prototypes? The models that show the design of the application or need s & nbsp; something that supports more & nbsp; the programmed part .
  • Usability: You are looking for prototyping tools for websites, mobile applications, desktop applications or & nbsp; de & nbsp; all are you?


InVision is a web-based mobile application prototyping tool that allows to the designers to create interactive models for web and mobile projects. It has a wide range of good & nbsp; tools to facilitate your workflow, which includes preview mode, comments, version control and file synchronization. InVision also offers a wide variety of transition animations and mobile gestures such as slide, touch, etc.

Share and collaborate: collaboration is a great advantage in InVision. Customers, teammates or anyone can leave comments and specific threads of the location in the shared model. This ensures that the changes are implemented as desired. In addition, the LiveShare feature of InVision helps to share the screen in real time, which includes the ability to sketch, the specific mouse of the collaborator and the chat.

Usability and application: the best formats of prototypes are web and mobile (Android and iOS). The tool offers highly collaborative projects that include clients and multiple team members.

Prices: InVision pricing plans vary from one project to another. This ranges from free trials to $ 25 per month for unlimited time.

Skill requirement: InVision takes pride in making prototyping accessible to all. The brand itself says: "Design better". Faster. Together. "Therefore, a little or no knowledge is enough to get started.But for trivial projects, competent designers should be hired. & Nbsp;

Balsamiq Mockups

Collaboration and sharing: Balsamiq offers you collaboration without problems, it is a kind of" intermediate tool "for product managers, designers and developers to adapt to the way in which "you" works.

A turning on Balsamiq: Freehand sketches and handwritten designs are unique and the extensive library of user interface elements is really very useful for learning Balsamiq.You do not need to be a professional designer to learn the prototyping tool of this type.The tool can be used as a quick tool of structure me Tálica.

Pricing: the Balsamiq single user license is $ 89 and the multiple user license starts with $ 178 for two users.

Usability: the Balsamiq models are an excellent one prototyping tool for mobile applications (iOS, Android) and websites.

Accuracy: with a wide variety of graphic tools that include manipulation of photographs, graphics, etc., you can adjust things like fonts, shadows , colors and edges. & nbsp;