Announced in 2014, the Swift programming language has quickly become one of the fastest growing languages in history. Swift makes writing software incredibly fast and secure. Swift is the programming language that is currently used to develop applications for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and macOS . These are some of the advantages offered by developing apps for iOS and macOS in Swift.

What is Switch?

The Swift began to develop in the year 2010 but it was presented at WWDC (World Developers Conference) in 2014 and it was designed to integrate with the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks (These 2 are programming API for company of Apple Inc) with this you can use any library that is programmed in Objecto-C. In 2015 the Swift with its version 2.2 became open source with a license of apache2.0.

The programming language Swift is focused for all who are starting to program. It is designed so that you can write the tasks and maintain programs to make it easier for the developer. In order for us to do this, the developers of Apple and the community have made Swift's language safe, fast, expressive./p>

Characteristics of the Swift

With the c Swift features make everything much more fluid and easier to read and write code all this while the developer maintains control in the programming language. Swift supports inferred types so we can make our code cleaner and less prone to errors also makes a memory management this is good because it will no longer be necessary to write a semicolon at the end of each line thanks to this and will make us automatic.

Swift's features were designed to that we can work together and create a powerful language. Here are some additional features of Swift:

  • Unification of closures
  • Fast iterations
  • Structures with supports for methods
  • Powerful error handling
  • Flow control

What are the advantages of Swift

1. It's an open source language

In the year of 2015 when Swift came to version 2.2 it became open source. That Swift is open source gives them a great advantage for many since all developers do independent thanks to the Swift can be used services and will not be limited for Mac and iOS. Being open to everyone, that has made its adoption and popularity grow in a dive. Swift has been released under the Apache 2.0 license, which means that developers can use it as they wish, even in commercial products. Apple has also launched a dedicated website: There, developers can find everything they need to start with Swift for their own projects, such as technical documentation and links to the source code, which Apple hosts on GitHub.

2 It's easy to learn.

Swift is a modern and very easy to learn language that will allow us to do is write applications in a short time. Apple develops its language to be easy to use and with syntactic simplicity this is like Python. What this means is that you can start developing applications much sooner than you would be able to learn any other development platform but obviously you have to have a little idea of developing applications.

3. Swift is the future of Apple's development

Swift allows us to design apps for iOS, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch. Since the launch of Apple's app store, Apple says it has delivered $ 16 billion to developers but only in the United States.

4. It's safe

Swift is one of the safest and fastest languages to achieve goals from a company or your own projects that you create. Swift is quite focused on the security of the apps. That is why when working with the language, there is usually no unsafe code, and it uses modern programming conventions to help maintain software security.