Some commercial applications are useful, intuitive, practices and pleasant to use. & nbsp; Others are boring, frustrating and useless. & nbsp; What makes the difference? & Nbsp; What features and functionalities should have an application ? & nbsp; These features are essential for developing an application that users value positively.

1. Integration with social networks

Social networks are being becoming an essential medium to communicate and collaborate, especially among workers who are geographically separated and between workers and their clients. & nbsp; It is important to make & nbsp; make this easy and without interruptions by incorporating the social exchange directly from the application.

2. Search functionality

U < span title = "Give your users a handy search bar so that they can find the content they need quickly. "> A good practice is to put a search bar so that & nbsp; users can quickly find the content they need.
A lot of content makes it a great application, but all that content becomes useless if users do not they can be easily accessed. & nbsp; Most applications have a search function to allow users to search for content from relevant keywords.

3. Allow user comments

Sometimes the user just needs to express some comment, criticism or sugeternity . & nbsp; Provide users with the ability to submit comments Instant is rewarding and eliminates many calls to the technical support department. & nbsp; < span title = "Allowing users to give you feedback definitely gives you and your developers helpful insight into what you need to add, eliminate, and change."> Allowing users to give their opinion gives a useful overview of what you need to add, delete and change. It also allows customers & nbsp; & nbsp; express your frustrations. & nbsp;

4. Design adapted to different devices and screen sizes

Application developers should also consider the range of sizes of screens between small phones and larger tablets. & nbsp; Some smart phones have screens almost as large as a small tablet. & nbsp; It is indispensable & nbsp; incorpo a "responsive" design in the development of your application so that all these users receive a good visual experience.

In the same way, you can not neglect any of the major platforms or operating systems . & nbsp; Apple and Android have strong control in the consumer market Android devices have outperformed Apple in the business and consumer markets. & nbsp; Still, Apple has enough market shares that can not be ignored. & nbsp; < span title = "Develop an app for each of these platforms so that you do not alienate a large segment of your us ers off the bat. "> Developing an application for each of these platforms is key to reaching a large segment of your customers.

5. The ability to work offline

It is vital to provide as much usability as possible without an Internet connection . & nbsp; This feature has to be balanced, of course, with the issue of data security. & nbsp; While you do not want to upload a large amount of confidential data on mobile devices, you must enable at least some work if Internet access is not available. & nbsp; < span title = "What and how much data and functionality is stored on the device depends on your specific app."> How much and how much data is stored on the device depends on each application.

As you can see, a lot is dedicated to developing an application strong> that users value. & nbsp; At Arpen Technologies we are always at the forefront of technology, and we develop modern applications that adapt to all devices, systems and versions . & nbsp; If you need to develop a mobile app , whether for iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad) & nbsp; or for Android , do not hesitate to contact us.