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Mobile Apps

Our philosophy to design and develop authentic apps

At Arpen Technologies we work together with the client and depending on their objectives and their needs, we define the formula that best suits and the best way to optimize the mobile application.

The target audience, the context and the main functionalities as differentials are key. As well as a good benchmark of other mobile applications that may be a factor of competition according to your market, your position, your users, your criticisms (good and bad) and your objectives.

We define the most appropriate strategy for your web or native application adapted for mobile phones, proposing the solutions that best fit your needs and objectives. Our philosophy is to maintain a close and constant relationship between customers, our designers and our developers. because it is much faster to advance, solve possible errors, modify, and reach the established timings.

We are specialized in both iOS and Android

We have the following development possibilities, depending on the project and the needs of the application, we will define the most appropriate development.

  • Native Applications

    They are those that are developed for a specific mobile technology. iOS (IPhone / IPad) and Android are currently the main ones.

  • Web Apps

    They are mobile applications developed in HTML5 language. They are compatible with both technologies although distribution (until recently) was not allowed in the App Store only.

  • Hybrids

    They mix native functionalities using HTML5.


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