Does iPad Have a Flashlight? How to turn on Flashlight on iPad?

How to turn on Flashlight on iPad

If your iPad has a rear camera flash, it has a built-in flashlight. Searching for flashlights on your iPad exhausts you. Sometimes it creates on/off issues; let’s fix it.

iPad or iPhone flashlight is the most beneficial built-in tool. It helps to get photos in the dark and rescue in case of emergency. You can use it to get precise minimal details of your work. It assists in smooth paintings and drawings.

It has many advantages, but some people couldn’t find a flashlight toggle or icon for illumination. Here we’ll discuss all the convenient ways to resolve the issues.

How to Turn on Flashlight on iPad?

Generally, turning on/off is a painless task, but sometimes, software conflicts and setting crisis hinders the way of lights up.

Assisting Siri with the light on is the easiest way. However, other methods, like turning on the flashlight from the lock screen and control center, can be convenient.

Turn on the Flashlight from Control Center

Turn on the Flashlight from Control Center

  • Unlock your iPad
  • Swipe down the screen from the right corner of the device
  • The Control center will display on the screen
  • Now press the flashlight icon button, changes its color, and the animation will appear.
  • Set the brightness according to the ease
  • Switch on the light

You can also follow these steps to turn off the light.

Turn on iPad Flashlight with Siri

Turn on iPad Flashlight with Siri

Ask Siri the following questions.

  • “Hey, Siri! Turn on the flashlight.”
  • “Hey, Siri! Will you turn off the flashlight?”
  • “Hey, Siri! Turn off the torch.”

Turn on the Flash from Lock Screen

Turn on the Flashlight from Lock Screen

  • Go to your iPhone screen without unlocking it.
  • Press and hold the flashlight at the screen’s bottom left corner.

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Advantages of Flash on iPad

  • Flashlight allows you to get instant light.
  • This portable flashlight doesn’t drain your device’s battery quickly. It goes to sleep and reactivates after you touch it.
  • This is a built-in feature, so you don’t have to download any app or need an active internet connection.
  • This is eco-friendly as you are not getting extra light bulbs or batteries.


  • It may burn your skin if contacted for a long time.
  • If you are using it for reading purposes, too much intensity will make words extra bright, so it takes effort to read the books. You can fix this problem by getting the control center method of intensity decrease mentioned above.
  • Starring the light for a few seconds burns your eyes. Many users report this issue.

Do all iPads have a Flashlight?

Almost all iPad Pro have built-in flashlights except 15 inches iPad launched in 2015. Older iOS devices lack a flashlight feature. The flash on the back camera shows your device has a torch light.

iPad Air 4 and iPad AIR 5 don’t have dedicated flashlights. iPad mini 6 also doesn’t have a torchlight. iPad from the 8th generation doesn’t hold this feature.

All iPad models other than those mentioned possess flashlights.


Flashlight on iPad is a useful tool that helps you in every electric outfall and uncertain crisis. Flash is an integral part of the device, so there are no worries about downloading and installation.

It lights up the space around it and illuminates the keyboard so you can easily draft or send emails. It permits you to get precise information on work related to drawing and painting art.

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